Monday, November 27, 2017

2017–week 47

monday: repeated bridge kickovers to loosen up the shoulders.001

tuesday: she has to stand on this board to stretch her heel cord, so decided to kill two birds with one stone and practice her flute while she was at it.006

wednesday: must be the holiday season if chex mix is in the oven!013

also wednesday: this is where he was planning to sleep. he was convinced that sleeping in the box was going to be amazing. he lasted 5 minutes before he decided he was uncomfortable and bailed to the couch.014

thursday: happy thanksgiving! the selfie stick - dinner table shot is becoming a holiday tradition.035

an 8x10 insert of extra thanksgiving pics.2017-11-191

friday: eggnog in my milk box! and spent the long weekend plowing through christmas puzzles. by sunday, i had completed 3 of them!

019  040

also friday: commencing the annual headache of attempting to find any of our 4 million strings of lights that work. even the ones we just bought last year only partially worked. so, in an effort to not spend a million dollars to throw lights in the trash every year, we went to mcclendon’s on a recommendation and got cut-to-length cord and screw in c9 LED bulbs. we spent a fortune and got enough for the first floor roof line this year. we’ll get some for the top of the house next year. opted for red, white, and green lights and I LOVE THEM!! screwing in all the bulbs went surprisingly fast! and now we are hoping they last forever.2017-11-192saturday: first Grinch viewing of the season, complete with his stuffed Max.044

Monday, November 20, 2017

2017–week 46

sunday: cats are weird.021

monday: ah yes, it’s time for our yearly fence-blowing-over wind storm. these sections have been barely hanging on for at least a year now. 002

tuesday: “uh, mom? i think bonez is going to steal your spot!” yup. stolen. and not really sorry, either. 003

friday: torture conditioning, courtesy of coach anne.008

also friday: “micah and i are thinking about making a blizzard run.” “gymnastics is almost over. we’ll meet you there.”011

saturday: in the process of fixing the fence, dave also found it necessary to fix the electrical line to the shed. because he hit it with the shovel.012also saturday: shane, looking sharp in dress blues, ready for the marine corps birthday ball.013 015

Monday, November 13, 2017

2017–week 45

lookatme! all on top of things! actually posting this on the following monday, and NOT backdating the post so it looks like i posted it on the following monday! LOL.

sunday: woke up to more snow. dumping snow all morning. sticking to the roads when we had to leave for church. that part is not my favorite. as soon as it’s on the road my preferred method of travel is on foot or by sled. but we made it safely.190

also sunday: picture day at the gym. this year’s xcel silver team.194

monday: when you do laundry for a family, you know that you sometimes will open the washer or dryer to find something odd. hopefully it wasn’t something that got ruined or ruined your clothes… this one is a first for me. obviously, this was shane’s load. yes, it was open in the dryer. and no, as far as i know, his clothes aren’t full of slashes and holes… 201

wednesday: still a teensy bit of snow hanging around.003

thursday: veteran’s day assembly at the high school. JROTC was doing color guard, which shane is a member of. he had the US flag. wish my seat and the lighting was better, but this is what i got.2017-11-132

friday: day off of school! assorted projects going on. lots of knitting and catching up on project life for me, working on comics for micah, and layla, after a trip to ben franklin for drawing supplies, worked on some sketches. shane, of course, was out and about, and dave was at work.2017-11-131

one of layla’s sketches, and an opportune pose from toby.020

Monday, November 6, 2017

2017–week…? i have no friggin’ idea because i’m so behind!

sunday: comfort dogs cubby and ruthie came to church! everyone was so excited to meet them and learn about their ministry. 139

monday: layla, heading to jazz band at dark o’clock in the morning with her flute and saxophone.142

also monday: i finally got some triple A batteries for the remote, so everyone was excited to try out micah’s new drone.2017-11-08

tuesday: gorgeous sunset when leaving the gym after practice.152

also tuesday: halloween 2017. shane is MIA since he went to bailey’s (and didn’t dress up anyway). layla decided to reprise the “mexican banana” and micah is a red ninja. our neighborhood group of trick or treaters. and the traditional candy sort/swap.2017-11-081

wednesday: all. the. time. with the nail polish with this one right now.158

friday: SNOW!!!! it freaking snowed on november 3rd!!!! bonez was beside himself with excitement. as was micah. before school and then after school was the annual search for snowpants that fit. 2017-11-084

also friday: practicing for team pictures on sunday. 182

also also friday: comp leos are here!!! so pretty!2017-11-083

Monday, October 30, 2017

2017–week 43

this was apparently a very odd week for picture taking. as in, i didn’t.

but i did take one walk with the dog on friday, in which i was struck by the blueness of the sky and the awesome fall colors in my neighborhood, and so i couldn’t take 5 steps without stopping to pull out my phone to photograph some pretty tree. fortunately, when paired up, these pics resulted in exactly the right number i needed for the week. but first:

sunday: pack meeting for micah. getting his advancements for the summer/fall from mr. smith.108

and a visit from the fire department.106

friday: it was so nice out, and warm even, that the kids decided to take their books to “the rock” to do their reading. 110

i decided to walk the dog.2017-11-0862017-11-0872017-11-0882017-11-0892017-11-0810130

and that’s all she wrote.

Monday, October 23, 2017

2017–week 42

sunday: dave took micah and a couple friends to the sounders game (and got him a hat) as an early birthday celebration. 2017-11-0811monday: these are the school pictures shane brought home. notice the “normal” shots they evidently took… but someone decided that THESE were the ones we wanted. this was the stupid pose he did for his asb card photo… 018also monday: layla was very excited to make micah’s birthday cake. they had it all planned out. vanilla cake, purple frosting, crushed jolly ranchers sprinkled on the top.019

also also monday: everyone just chilling.021

also also also monday: micah’s last day to be 9!


tuesday: 10 years old! all the fingers. and birthday breakfast of lucky charms.023


cake.001 - Copy

nerf war.2017-11-0814wednesday: layla turned to the internet to find more flute music to play.026

friday: micah’s party. what he wanted to do for this big 10th birthday more than anything, was to have a sleepover party. and so we did. 14 boys in our house, 9 slept over. so much ice cream, so many video games, so many nerf darts EVERYWHERE, so much noise, so little sleep… but everyone had a blast, micah was thrilled, we survived, and we NEVER have to do it again!!!2017-11-0815

saturday: replacing the weather stripping on the front door, and recovering 400 nerf darts in the front yard.092


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