Sunday, July 24, 2016


The last two days have cemented the idea that I either need to install a door on the master bathroom, or have my kids evaluated. Probably both.

Our house has an obscenely huge master suite in which dave and I, as the apparent masters of the house, reside. It includes a spacious bathroom which includes a shower, vanity, and jacuzzi tub, with a water closet and a walk-in closet. It's really a pretty decent set-up, except for one thing. There's no door. 

Yes, there is a door on the water closet. (Thank goodness.) There is also a door on the closet. And obviously, there is a door on our bedroom. 

I guess the idea is that the bedroom door is sufficient to keep other family members out, and that couples only require privacy from each other when using the toilet or choosing their clothes.

I still find it a little weird. At any rate, we've had issues with kids walking in at various times, and we yell at them to get out or dive quickly behind one of the doors, and then lecture them about knocking and stuff like that. But mostly, no big deal. 

Except when it is. 

Like the other day when I took a shower without remembering that earlier, I had washed all the towels in the house and not hung up new ones. Oops. So I holler at layla to bring me a towel. No biggie, I just did my best to hide behind my glass shower door while dripping and shivering. Maybe I need to let the soap scum build up a little more. So she gets me a towel and brings it into my bedroom. But I can hear her talking the whole time. I realize she's on the phone with someone. But then, to my horror, I realize she's not just talking on the phone, no, she's FACETIMING!!!  So I start yelling "Hang up! Hang up!!" as she's getting further into the room, and she looks up all startled and confused, and finally just chucks the towel in the general direction of the shower and leaves. 

And then, the next day. I'm getting ready for my birthday party in the afternoon. I had just gotten out of the shower and was drying off, when Micah (who Had been off playing with his friends) barges right into my bedroom, dragging his 2 friends in with him!! It seems that my neighbor (the friends' mother) had sent them over with some zucchinis she had offered me and a croquet wicket I needed to borrow (we are 1 short for some reason). And so it seems that this entourage bearing gifts (you know it takes 3 boys to carry 2 zucchinis and a wicket) needed to deliver them to me at that very moment, regardless of what I may have doing at the time. So of course, I dove into my closet as quick as I could and screamed at Micah from behind the door to get out. And he replied about the importance of bringing over these things and all I can get out at that point is "KITCHEN!!! Put it in the kitchen!!" 

Good grief!

At any rate, I'm thinking that a door may be in order very soon. And another lecture about knocking. 

Friday, July 22, 2016


When I got up this morning, I needed coffee. Like I do every morning. This is not unusual. My coffee cup was in the dishwasher. This, also, is not unusual. However, when I opened the door to get my cup, I found this:
In case you didn't figure it out, this is unusual.

It seems that the part that holds the upper sprayer arm onto the top rack is broken. We can get a new one and fix it. Happy/sad that we don't need a new dishwasher. In the mean time, hand washing dishes. Yay! 💃💃💃

Later in the morning, layla announced that she was going to finish off her birthday box of lucky charms. (If you don't know the deal with that, every birthday, I let my kids choose whatever birthday breakfast they want. Sometimes it's donuts or cinnamon rolls, usually it's some box of sugar freak cereal that I won't otherwise buy.) Micah got mad about this, since he's a whiny little brother and is bitter that she isn't required to share this box. At any rate, this happened, when in a fit of jealous rage, he attempted to steal a marshmallow charm from her bowl. 
With my lightning-quick reflexes, I called off the dog, who recognizes the sound of food hitting the floor, even in his mid-morning coma, and shoved him outside. I then told Micah to pick it up. Yes, all of it, and put it back in the bowl. 

She had to pick a few dog hairs out of it, but my floors are pretty clean, and yes, she ate it.

Judge if you must. 

And then there is this:
Sometime in the spring, Micah went to a birthday party at a bowling alley. My wonderful husband won him this ridiculous, cheapo bunny from a claw game. I hate those stupid, money sucking tanks of disappointment with ever fiber of my being. For 2 reasons: 1) you will probably lose. You just wasted a dollar on a gambling scheme that has all the odds stacked against you. 2) you might win. And if you win, you inevitably walk away, not with the stuffed animal you really wanted, no, that one was strategically buried between the purple frog and the dilapidated knock-off Olaf. You win the easy-to-get white bunny that the person before you grabbed and dropped at the last soul-crushing minute. 

Sadly, my husband is freakishly gifted at playing claw games. 😡

Micah got the bunny. 

The next day, its arm fell off. And he was devastated. 

And I have had to face his sad, heartbroken eyes at least twice a week ever since, and have promised to fix it. I just never said when...

Today, I was putting off something else I am supposed to be doing, so it seemed like the perfect time to tackle this job. 

It was heinous. Stitching that stupid thing on from the outside was every bit as awful as I'd built up in my head it would be. Two different times, my thread broke and I had to restart. 

But it's on. And we will just pretend we don't notice that one arm is obviously longer than the other, and the really bad stitch job shows. 

And if that sucker comes off again, it's the safety pin treatment. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

It matters!!!

Somehow, I have spawned a child who does not innately understand the importance of folding towels in a neat, orderly, and always-the-same methodical fashion. 

Today, I asked layla to help me out by folding a pile of towels. I have always folded on the half, half again (parallel to the first half, not perpendicular), and then a final half again (this time perpendicular). Layla started to fold them differently (I won't say "wrong", although it was), so I corrected her and demonstrated how I wanted it done. 

At that point, she asked the question.
"Why does it matter if they're folded the same?"



"But why?"

"So they will stack neatly in the linen closet!"

"I still don't see why it matters. It's not like you're going to have guests that will be looking into your linen closet to see if your towels are folded the same."

"It's important for my sanity, okay?"

Friday, July 15, 2016

Thursday 7/14

Before picking Micah up from his final day of scout camp, layla requested to go to a park. We decided to try out Lake Tye park, since we hadn't been there before. There were lots of swimmers and families there. We didn't have a ton of time, but layla declared the water warm enough to swim in, so we plan to go back next week. 

During the morning, we did housework, walked the dog, and discovered that we have some blackberries ripe on the street. Meant to go back and pick them, but forgot. 

Something hit me in the afternoon and I wound up with some crazy-unpleasant allergy attack. Had to take a Zyrtec, which rendered me unconscious after dinner, and in the meantime, didn't do anything for the incessant sneezing and dripping nose. Guess I should just stick to Benadryl, if I'm going to fall asleep anyway. 

Micah was ecstatic to have earned his whittling chip at camp, which grants him the right to carry a pocket knife, apparently, and is now very impatient to go and buy his own. 😳

Layla had gymnastics and my dad made us chili for dinner. 

I don't know what happened after that since I was passed out on the couch.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wednesday 7/13

So, I'm wanting to get back into blogging more regularly, and decided that perhaps I should try using this as a bit of a daily journal. We'll see how that goes. Or more accurately, how long that goes...

Day 3 of scout camp for Micah. 
Came back to find that the dog got out. Gate was not latched and IF collar battery was dead. Found him visiting Gretzkie at the Smiths.
Reading a book on prayer.
Took layla to the library to return books.
Checked out audio book of the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Layla listened to/read the whole thing.
Grocery shopping.
Ran home to drop off the groceries, then off to Layla's rheumatology appt at children's. 
Exam looked good. New dr. 
Ordered new x-rays.
Starbucks on the way home.
Smiths brought Micah home from camp. 
Made banana bread. Micah helped.
Cut cantaloupe. 
Ate pigs in blankets and cantaloupe for dinner. 
Dave was at the sounders game.
Shane was hanging out with Bailey.
Made blueberry muffins.
Blogged about Layla's birthday.

I really don't like this format so much. I'll try something different for tomorrow.

Shane's 17th

Right on the heels of Layla's 11th, Shane turned 17 on Tuesday. Back-to-back birthdays are no joke.

The birthday boy had to work all day, so we met up in the evening at Olive Garden for his choice of dinner. Somewhat predictably, he ordered the fettuccine Alfredo, this time with sausage. (I had the chicken parm, also predictably.)

Even though everyone was stuffed, they brought him a slice of cheesecake (which then went into a box) and we all sang.

Then we reconvened at home for gifts. 

Traditional t-shirts from layla.

A water thermos from Micah. Working construction in the summer, this is a good thing. (And a pack of Swedish fish, to make up for the ones he gave him last year, and then ate.)

Cards and money.

And then the "texted gift".

It was a picture of a truck and some speakers. We are helping him upgrade the stereo in his truck.

And then we stuck 17 candles into a tub of Papa Murphy's cookie dough and sang again. 

We were all still stuffed, so no one ate more than a spoonful.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Layla's 11th birthday

So layla had her golden birthday on Monday. Since dave and Shane were at work all day, and Micah was at scout camp, we had a fun girls day. 

But first, the last day to be 10 picture the night before.

First stop was 7-11 for free Slurpees.

Then pedicures. Love the traffic cone orange she chose.

Tradition dictates that the next stop was for lunch at Red Robin.

Then to the theater to see The Secret Life of Pets, which she enjoyed, and I thought was just ok.

For dinner, she chose ribs, mashed potatoes, and broccoli (with a lemon wedge). Yum.

A Harry Potter case for her iPod. (It is meant to look like the Marauders Map.)
More money.
And, since our gift to her is a bedroom makeover, Micah got her some lantern lights,
And Shane got her a full-length mirror for her closet door.

And then it was time for cake. Donut cake, that is.  

Friday, April 8, 2016

i know you think i'm crazy, but i LOVE my clothesline.

okay, I’m about to totally blow your mind. no for real. I can’t even tell you how much I LOVE hanging my clothes to dry, outside, in the sun, in the fresh air, with actual clothespins, on actual clotheslines.

if you’ve known me for any length of time, you know that this obsession goes way back. like, 11.5 years back, to when my brand new husband whisked me and my 5 year old away from the suburbs of seattle, where I’d lived my whole life, to a mythological place in rural ohio called a “farm town”. we lived in a 100 year old house that had these amazing metal t-posts in the backyard. he asked if I wanted to use them, and I thought, what the heck?! So he bought me some clothespins and strung up the lines between them.

and I fell in love.

I hung out our clothes as long as it was possible to do so… Probably from about late april to early october. the thing that is super awesome about ohio weather is the wind. there is almost always wind, so your clothes get dry quick, and without a lot of stiffness from just hanging still. the thing that is super sucky about ohio weather is the storms (at least in regards to line drying clothes). there were plenty of times I had to go flying out of the house and yank the clothes down while dodging fat raindrops because a storm came in suddenly. or I was out somewhere and started hearing distant thunder rumbling, remembering that I had clothes on the line, and calculating whether or not I had time to make it home and pull them off the line or if I should just forget it and figure I would dry them for the second time after it quit raining and the sun came back out.

I also had a baby during that time. and there is nothing quite so precious as seeing baby clothes drying on the line.

at any rate, after 2 years, we moved back the the suburbs of seattle and lived in a condo. THE HORROR!! I did go to target and invest in some accordion racks that I sometimes put on my deck.

not the same.

after a hellish year in the condo, we moved to a house, still in the suburbs, but far enough out that we didn’t have HOA rules imposed on us that forbid the use of clotheslines. (I have lots of very nasty words for those folks.) Every spring, I begged, pleaded, dropped hints, etc. to no avail. money was tight. time was tight. we had a flock of little kids… so, once again, I improvised.

not the same.

but after 5 years in that house, we moved again. this time even further out. not quite rural, but almost. we have lots of nature going on out here. at any rate, after about a year in this house, my begging, pleading, and hint dropping finally paid off, and I got my clothesline. it was LOOOONG, and went from the shed in one corner of the yard to a tree somewhere in the middle.

it had it’s downsides (the stuff hung on the end under the tree risked birds pooping on it, and it sagged in the middle because it was so long. this led me to be creative with a fisher-price basketball hoop to prop it up in the middle. but that would blow over (even with water in the base) on windy days, dragging the whole line down with it. and it killed the grass in a 2’x2’ square. but it worked.

so, almost the same.

however, after 3 years of using this line, I still kinda sorta really wanted my t-posts. AND, a totally amazing thing happened! a series of windstorms decimated our fence. related? not so much. but, the insurance company gave us a bunch of money to fix the fence, so dave went out and bought a bunch of wood and tools. and made many trips to home depot…

are you thinking what I’m thinking?

thank goodness he was!

last sunday, the kids were harassing us to take them to the park. just as we were about to leave, I had a brilliant idea.

how about I take them to the park and YOU go to home depot and buy the stuff you need to make my t-posts.

so he did!

and then I had this week off of work for spring break, and the weather was sunny, and…

ta da!!!

I am one happy mama!

stay tuned because I have all sorts of clothesline tips and advice to dispense so that you, too, will want to line dry your clothes!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Attacking the craft closet

I'm not sure what possessed me, but I decided I should do something about the "craft closet" in our bedroom. It's a little "bonus" closet (as opposed to our walk-in closet) that, before we bought the house, was apparently used to store square dancing outfits... 

Anyway, it's got shelves and I've always just kind of stuffed my crafty things and other such odds and ends into it. Mostly partially done knitting projects and yarn, and odds and ends of scrapbooking supplies, lots left over from when I sold Creative Memories (so a lot of outdated scrapbooking supplies, as that was 10 years ago!), a little bit of fabric, boxes of photos, etc. 

The yarn was the most intimidating. I have bad knitting ADD. I start a project and then forget about it. Then I start a new one. And a new one. And a new one.... I don't finish a lot of projects.

By far, the biggest job was just seeing what was there (since every project was in some sort of bag, in some sort of half-done or barely-started disarray. Lots had the needles taken out, since I always am short on the size of needles I need when starting a new project... (Seriously, it's bad.) I decided which projects I thought I might actually have some hope of finishing and put them into ziplocks with their patterns. Anything I decided not to finish, I frogged and rewound the yarn and reclaimed the needles. I sorted out good and crappy yarn. I untangled what I could of good yarn and ruthlessly threw the rest away. I put like yarn together in ziplocks, if there were only a few. Then I sorted all the random, crumpled paper patterns and threw away any that I didn't want to keep. I get most of my patterns off of Ravelry anyway, so I can usually find them again. I totally wish I had a kindle, just for knitting patterns. At any rate, I got it all neatly stashed in a big plastic container! Major stress relief!

The next issue was scrapbooking stuff. I am 100% converted to Project Life for daily stuff, and for the current year, I'm doing it digitally, via the app. The clutter-free aspect of needing ZERO supplies to make this happen is UH-mazing. But I still have years past to complete. The pathetic thing is that I've had PL kits and accessories stashed all over the place. So I consolidated it all and put it in the closet in an orderly fashion so I can see everything that's there. 

I still do some traditional scrapbooking here and there, so I don't want to get rid of all my stuff, but I could probably go through my big plastic drawer tower at some point and pare that down. I went through the old CM stuff I still had. Found plenty to give to Goodwill that I don't want and won't be sellable. There are a few things I might be able to get a little out of on eBay, so I saved those and put them neatly back in the closet for now. 

The rest was odds and ends, which I sorted, folded, and packaged in ziplocks as I was able to.

The finished product is so much better!! In fact, I kind of want to knit again!! (New project anyone? 😉)

Saturday, January 2, 2016

There's an app???

So, apparently I'm a little slow. I just discovered there's a blogger app. 

In expressing my excitement over this discovery to my husband, he looked at me blankly and said, "you didn't know that?"


But this excites me! Between the project life app and now this, I should be able to streamline posting and printing and hopefully be able to keep up with everything! 

Woohoo! Here's to an up-to-date 2016!


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