Monday, January 2, 2012

week 52 in pictures

this is it! the last week of 2011!

sunday: christmas day. I couldn’t decide on one picture to put in the book for this day, so I figured I’d use the slot for a 4x6 journaling card describing our day. but I have two big collages in the book of christmas morning, and christmas dinner later on, at barb and paul’s.

monday:2011-12-26 just a little sampling of our day. morning technology fiends at barb and paul’s; micah at jamison’s birthday party; dave and I disagreeing about a qwirkle move followed by us simultaneously posting our disappointment (him) and triumph (me) following the wise counsel of qwirkle expert, kate.

tuesday:2011-12-27 we had a little christmas celebration with my parents in the evening. we didn’t want to drag all of each other’s presents down to portland, so we just waited until after. the kids all got stuff for their rooms – sheets, piggy (or not) banks, and something extra. micah got some wall art, layla got a toss pillow, and shane got a pair of shoes. okay, those are for his feet, not his room. we gave my parents a new photo calendar for 2012, and a new trash can. might seem silly, but they needed one in a bad way! shane gave them a huge box of chocolates, which he had way too much fun taping up, making it practically impossible to open. he thought this was very funny…007 I took this photo later that night. micah was so excited about his football piggy bank! he couldn’t leave it alone, and was warned many times about it not being a toy and the possibility of it getting broken if he didn’t leave it on the dresser. well… this is what I found after he’d gone to sleep. yes, I put it back on the dresser after I took this pic! funny kid. who sleeps with a piggy bank?!

wednesday:2011-12-29 I took a couple quick shots of layla and micah’s new bedding. the bedroom makeover gear is piling up, with more to come. I’ll post pictures of the new rooms after they’re all painted and fixed up. but this is just a hint.

thursday:2011-12-30 this is where I was after my superfun project life all-nighter, followed by the book, completely filled with 2005 and 2006’s photos, and my neatly organized container of all the supplies I need for the 3 albums I currently have in the works. one of my favorite things about project life is all the pretty boxes it all comes in!

friday:005 I spent the day doing laundry and tidying up, getting ready for dave’s parents to come into town that night (and I might have spent a couple of hours filling in some journaling cards). layla has had these 2 crazy loose top teeth that have been almost ready to come out for at least a week. at one point in the afternoon, I was in my bedroom folding laundry and she was in her room reading a book or something, when she came to me, all freaked out, blood gushing from her mouth and a wad of bloody bubblegum in her hand. apparently she had put the gum in her mouth, bit down on it with her loose teeth, and knocked one of them back into a funky position that she couldn’t get it out of. so cleaned her up, (threw away the gum), grabbed a tissue, and yanked! phew! finally, it came out. what a relief! as you can see, she was very excited. of course, this left the one crazy loose top tooth that quickly moved to the center of her gums and just HUNG there, all snaggletooth-like. awesome. I was hoping for a 2 for 1 deal that day, but no dice.

saturday:044 gramma and papa are here! gramma and papa are here! they got in after the kids had gone to bed, and they knew that they’d be there when they woke up, so they were very excited to see them in the morning. we had another christmas morning, and opened gifts with them. laurie had planned on making curtains for layla and micah’s closet, and valances for both bedroom windows before she came, but christie’s sewing machine quit on her, so she gifted the kids with fabric and an explanation, and I quickly borrowed a sewing machine from a friend (thanks, summer!) and she got to work!2011-12-31

and the extras:2011-12-311 1. micah, and “the grinch’s dog’ watching ‘the grinch’. over christmas, he became OBSESSED with the grinch. but he didn’t call it ‘the grinch’, or even ‘how the grinch stole christmas’. no, he called it ‘the grinch’s dog’.

2. layla made superhero masks for everyone.

3. shane slept on a mattress in layla and micah’s room while gramma and papa were using his room. one morning they stuffed all the stuffed animals in the room AND micah, under his blankets, to make him ‘fat’.

4. micah and layla, enjoying some christmas color sprinkles in their oatmeal.

5. playing with some vehicles they made from the lego set that micah got for christmas from aunt marilynne. cops and robbers with legos!

6. what I did on new year’s eve while laurie was working on the curtains. getting my current pl album caught up, now that I have the extra card stock sheets from mary.

7. laurie, sewing away at curtains.

that’s it! the year is done! a picture every day (for the most part) for 52 weeks, 365 days of 2011. I’m SO glad I did this. it has been so much fun, and it’s so awesome to look back at our year. I can’t wait to do 2012!

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