Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas day at barb & paul’s

(otherwise known as “ana and elsa’s” to my kids.)

after breakfast, quick showers, packing up clothes, jammies, and gifts, we loaded up in the car and drove south to my cousin, barb’s house. we got there around 3. my parents and aunt marilynne were already there, as well as my other cousins, lynne & jim. there was chatting, and munching, and drinking of spiked cider going on. soon, mike and marie showed up with baby liam, and everyone applauded! LOL. gotta love having a baby around! after that, caitlyn and her fiancé, danny arrived and that was everyone.

we had traditional hedvall family (my mom’s mom’s family) swedish christmas dinner of halibut and sausages, along with other yummy fixings. then we sang carols (which was both beautiful AND hilarious), paul lit the candles on the tree, and finally opened presents.

we got gift cards and the game, qwirkle (which I’ve wanted for the last 2 years!), layla and micah got some toys and accessories for their rooms, shane got an awesome rc helicopter (along with other BIG boys mike and danny – and when all the presents had been opened, they all disappeared outside to try them out)and the game clue. we gifted my cousins with IOUs for envirosax packs that were hung up in the mail, and the scarf and mittens I knitted for my aunt.

as always, it was a blast, and I’m excited that we’ve reinstated this tradition with my mom’s side of the family. 2011-12-252

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  1. Rach, It's especially fun now because there are little kids again! SO GLAD you make the trek down for this.



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