Thursday, December 29, 2011

more project life love!

so, back in april, I bought 2 PL album kits. the amber and the turquoise, which were the 2011 designs. my intent was to put 2 years’ worth of photos in each book. I got to work on 2007 and 2008 right away, and stuck them in the turquoise album.001 currently, all the pictures are in and 2007 is completely done with journaling and everything. still need to do 2008, but that’ll happen some time.

since then, the amber kit has been sitting on my shelf, unopened, just waiting for me to get my pictures together. at the end of november, snapfish offered penny prints and I went for it. I got all of 2005 and 2006’s photos edited, organized, and ordered. I knew that I would have to deal with the non-digital photos I had (we got our first digital camera in may of 2005) eventually.

well, that box of snapfish prints has been sitting on my shelf, taunting me for a good 3 weeks now. I was disciplined. I had vowed NOT to touch it until after christmas, and I didn’t.  last night, however, at 10:58pm, I caved. I don’t know what possessed me, but I couldn’t hold off any longer. initially, my plan was just to cut apart the vertical pics (which I printed, 2 on a 4x6, so as to use them in the small slots). so I did that. then I thought I should sort them, roughly, by month. so I did that. then I had to sort the rest of the pictures, into those piles as well. then I had to check my files on the computer, to make sure everything was in the right month and order. so then I was sitting there, with 20 neat stacks of photos, laid out on my dining room table. it was too much. so I opened up the amber kit.

ahhh… it was glorious. it is everything I expected it to be and more. I am completely and totally in love with it.

but I digress.

so then I decided to just put a few of the pictures in. just a few. I started at the back, going in reverse from december 2006. I decided to do it that way, because I didn’t know how many pictures I had from the start of 2005. so I put in december, then november, then october… you get the idea. pretty soon, dave got up.

yup. it was 5am. I had everything in it, up through august of 2005.


I wasn’t really that tired, but the reality that I have kids who WILL get up at some point in the morning kind of kicked in. (that, and the fact that I’d been kneeling on the dining room floor for probably 3 hours.) so I hobbled off to bed (I think I finally have all the feeling back in my feet), even though I had 3 neat stacks sitting on the table, calling my name.

so, morning came. late, thankfully. vacation is awesome for letting your kids stay up late (and thus, sleep in late!). at 9am, I was a TOTALLY AWESOME MOM, turned on tangled (which they had requested the night before), and went back to bed.

when the movie was over, I made myself 2 cups of coffee, instead of 1, and sat down to ‘finish up’. hahaha!

003 I put the rest of those 3 neat little stacks in. but no, I couldn’t just leave it there.

I attacked THE BOX. you know the one. we all have them. the big, scary, black hole of pictures that you’re “going to do something with” someday. 006 fortunately, my box is relatively organized, and I was able to quickly find the sections of pictures for 2005 that I wanted. several of them were repeats, because I had printed a lot of the digital stuff already (and then forgot that I did that, and printed them again), but it was fun to see some of the prints that are pre-digital. we have all of our pictures cycling though our computer as our screen saver and wallpaper, so I’m constantly seeing our pictures, even really old ones. but this was fun to see.

at any rate, I found them, sorted them, cropped the vertical ones to fit in small slots (because I’m totally anal about the vertical ones not going in horizontal slots. seriously. I couldn’t handle it.), and got EVERYTHING in! EVERYTHING! as in, it’s done! 005

all I have left to do is the journaling. which I REALLY REALLY want to do right now, but I’m restraining myself.

between the picture/paper mess I’ve made of the dining room with this, and the fact that my kids entertained themselves with paper, scissors, and watercolor paints today, and that my in-laws are coming tomorrow, I really need to tidy up.

and I swear, I’m going to bed at a decent hour tonight.

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  1. It's... beautiful. *wipes away single tear of joy*

    You going to post some interior shots, too, at some point?



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