Monday, July 14, 2014

project life 2014: week 28

monday: dear friends were in town visiting and they came for dinner. the weather was lovely, and we spent the whole time outside playing. 268

tuesday: suds-face micah.274

wednesday: as shane was gone working and we had company coming who would be sleeping in his room, I was required to clean it up. probably just as well, since it’s only really ever been “teenager-approved” clean since we moved in 2 years ago… good think, as I discovered he had an infestation of mice:275

thursday: layla’s last day to be 8 picture. she dried her tears and put on a ‘happy’ face for this picture, as she was completely convinced that micah’s puke fest that evening was going to completely spoil her birthday.304

friday: no, this gate isn’t for the kids, it’s for the dog. ever since returning from our trip to california (which totally traumatized him), bonez has seemingly forgotten that he is supposed to go potty outside. it was recommended that we restrict his access to only a small portion of the house for a while. so he gets the kitchen, dining room, and family room. just as well, because now toby has his run of the rest of the house, rather than cowering in shane’s room, fearing for his life.309

also friday: happy 9th birthday layla!344

saturday: happy 15th birthday shane!IMAG0062

I also have some big collages to put in the book from shane’s and layla’s birthdays. all those pictures can be found here and here.

and a skinny to stick in somewhere. I had this mad craving for creamsicles one day. they are so delicious.277

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