Monday, July 14, 2014

layla’s 9th birthday

the day before layla turned 9, she got to take a couple of friends with her, downtown, to have lunch at red robin. she loves to do this because then daddy can join us and then just go back to work after lunch. they clapped and sang and brought her the ‘mile high mud pie’ for dessert. holy cow!284

we did our best, but it was HUGE!285

then daddy went back to work and I took the girls to ride the great wheel!286

it was a little freaky, but the view was amazing!288

hello stadiums, ferries, mt. rainier, puget sound…295

hello space needle!296

after all that, we went back to the house and played awhile before we had to take one friend home. the other was spending the night. after dinner, dave took the boys out shopping to get birthday gifts while the girls played some dance central on the xbox and then we walked the dog.

and that’s when everything derailed…

on the way back from shopping, micah barfed all over the back seat of the car.

and so… sleepover guest had to be sent home and layla was devastated, convinced that micah being sick was going to ruin her birthday.

she dried her tears and forced a smile for her ‘last day to be 8’ picture.304

fortunately, micah had no further episodes and seemed fine in the morning, although I kept him quiet and upstairs as long as I was able to…

layla was appeased by eating her birthday lucky charms and getting to open her present from the friend who got sent home.


and then she made her birthday cake all by herself.311

she was quite proud!313

after birthday dinner of french toast, she got to open presents. 318328330

she was very excited to get “julie’s pajamas” from gramma laurie. very!335

it was like 90* out, but she insisted on wearing them.338

and then we had cake.344

can’t believe we have a 9 year old! IMAG0043

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