Monday, September 3, 2012

week 35 in pictures

sunday: we have an end of summer tradition at our church called the “salmon bake”. it’s a picnic/potluck/bbq of sorts that always involves a lot of really good salmon. there are also always a crew of gray-haired men manning the the gigantic cinder block barbecue. love it.111

monday: I attacked my laundry room! this is a room that has been a disaster since we moved in. 2012-08-311

tuesday: this will actually be stuck in the middle as an 8x10 collage, but it’s the major event for the day. shane, layla, and I all had haircuts, mine was pretty significant!2012-08-31

also tuesday: layla’s soccer practice. I think this was the first time all 7 girls were there!058

wednesday: layla had a friend sleep over on tuesday night. we built a fort out of sheets and bar stools in the play room and they slept in sleeping bags on the floor. the next morning, they wanted to watch 101 dalmatians.2012-09-05

also wednesday: shane discovered this while looking out his bedroom window… apparently our neighbor had some work for him to do…048also wednesday: we had a rare treat of dinner out! teddy’s bigger burgers is awesome, and the little kids were really excited to get to sit at the counter with the fish tank.2012-08-313

thursday: meet the teacher night at school. layla was feeling a little bit shy that night, but was happy about how many friends she has in class with her.066

also thursday: this was my first attempt at styling my new do.065

saturday: painting micah’s room! just the essentials! ;)0112012-09-054

and then I have a couple big collages of the extra pics from the week.2012-08-3122012-08-314

and the instagrams…

113115001 - Copy045002 - Copy071034036038040041043046049053082089

book shots:046043

that’s it. not bothering to link up this week since I’m posting late.

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