Monday, August 27, 2012

lookie what I just did!!!!

I’m so proud of myself that I just have to stop and brag a bit! I have this room in my house… it’s the laundry room. it’s also the “mud room” sort of… meaning it’s the room between the garage and the rest of the house, where we all enter through… where we all take off our shoes and leave them all over the floor… where the boys dump their cycling gear when they come in from a ride… where we all dump the mail, or the groceries, or whatever it is you have in your hands when you come in the door… where boxes and baskets of “I don’t know what to do with this” after moving land… you get the idea.

pair that with laundry that needs to be done, laundry that has been done, laundry that is hanging to dry, laundry that needs to be ironed, cleaning supplies, dog dishes, cat box, etc. etc. etc… AND the fact that this room also happens to possess a large, flat surface and you have the perfect storm. the perfect recipe for a disaster zone, and that it was!

I really should have taken ‘before’ pics, but that might have been too embarrassing. but I actually DID SOMETHING with all of it!

library books put into the car to be returned. donation pile for micah’s preschool put into the car to take tomorrow. piles of papers sorted and tossed or filed in one of those drawers. bike helmets, etc, put in drawer or upper cupboard. random junk boxes sorted and put someplace… it’s so awesome to SEE the counter. AND, see that outlet on the wall? I didn’t know that was there. isn’t that pathetic? but just look at all that clean open space? I want to do something cute to it so it will look nice and not get cluttered up again… (wishful thinking, I know.)006

notice that there aren’t any clothes or random other things on top of the dryer? I have the basket of hangers there for stuff that needs to be hung to dry, but everything else is gone. I stashed the ironing board against the far wall (it used to be in between the dryer and the counter), and shoved the clothes hanger things into that space. and YES, I CLEANED the washer and dryer. I got out a bottle of cleaner and a rag and I cleaned off my washer and dryer. (I know all you people who do this sort of thing weekly, think that is not a big deal, but my washer and dryer has always been in a nasty garage before now, and I just didn’t care!)007

I took all the random cleaning supplies off the counter by the sink and stashed them in the upper cupboard, MOVED the cat box and actually vacuumed all the loose cat litter up, put a clean towel under the dog water, and wiped down the counter and the faucet.008

that little corner has a basket for mail (that does need to still be sorted/filed), my purse, and the key basket. and shane hung the pin board for me. 009

SO excited! woohoo!

okay, thanks for letting me brag…

and now real life calls… gotta go wipe a butt, get gas, drop a kid off for a sleepover, return library books, pick up pictures, come back and clean the REST of my house!

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