Sunday, February 5, 2012

week 5 in pictures

interesting week!

sunday: dave had to go to work after church. the kids and I came home and I was all set to sit down on the couch and watch some skating. nationals was on and it was men’s and pairs that day. I was feeling sleepy, and apparently I needed a nap because as soon as I hit the couch and pressed play on the dvr remote, I PASSED OUT. woke up FOUR hours later! for real! and the kids didn’t even completely trash the house. at any rate, we met dave in redmond and went out for dinner at red robin. dave signed up for some promo thing and got a free appetizer out of the deal. shane wound up with a ton of onion rings all to himself. I can’t eat them because of the breading; dave avoids onions because of his stomach (and because he doesn’t like sleeping on the couch); and micah and layla didn’t even want to try them. 003

monday: I tried to burn down the house! again. we’ve lived here almost 5 years now, and I STILL can’t seem to get it straight, which knob corresponds with which burner. ugh! at any rate, I’m very thankful for smoke detectors, and I need to learn not to keep stuff on top of burners when I’m cooking!007

tuesday: nothing major, except I needed a current pic of myself for the MOMS club newsletter. micah was handy, so we did a quick selfie. sadly, the iphone doesn’t much care for the poor lighting in the livingroom, so the pic is all funky and pixelated, but oh well. we’re pretty cute, I guess!013

wednesday: no pic, but micah drew me a lot of little card pictures to choose from. he’s discovered my stash of 4x6 index cards and wants to draw pictures for the book ALL.THE.TIME… not quite sure how I’m going to convince him that I only need a few, every now and then.

thursday: CAST DAY! 030there were so many pictures involved with this that it gets it’s own 8x10.Picasa9

friday: of course, the best part of having casts is getting to draw on them with the fancy metallic sharpies! she took them to school to and got her friends, her teacher, some of shane’s friends, and even her PE teacher, to sign them. P.S. do you like my rainbow?      vvvPicasa7

saturday: first of all, layla lost another tooth the night before. secondly, this is significant… for the last 2 years or so, layla has been a nail-biter… much to my chagrin. well, she currently has, like, NO teeth in her mouth. for real. nothing up top, and 2 missing on the bottom. how she bites anything is beyond my comprehension, but the good news is, she CAN’T bite her nails! well, she’s always after me to paint her nails, but, like I’ve told her, I’m really not convinced that ingesting nail polish is the best thing for her. it’s not exactly non-toxic. so the deal was, the next time I had to CUT her fingernails, I would paint them. well, it happened tonight! there was enough white at the ends that I felt compelled to cut them AND, paint them. she did the sparkly blue and purple to match her toes! 003

and… the extras:Picasa10

  1. the gingerbread cookie pop kit that aunt marge gave the kids. shane wasn’t home and I didn’t figure he’d care much, so I did his (he got to eat them). this was NOT easy and they did NOT look like the box! LOL. layla’s are on the left, mine in the center, and micah’s (he mostly just wanted to lick the frosting) are on the right.
  2. micah, playing waiter, taking toby’s order. his menu options were cat food, yogurt, or strawberries.
  3. micah can actually shoot baskets now!
  4. tooth #6 (#4 in just over a month) bites the dust.
  5. micah, climbing up the pile of snow to get into the trampoline. for some reason, he felt it necessary to wear a life vest…
  6. my paleo chicken dinner… complete with chicken gravy! first time attempting paleo gravy. a little thin, but worked out, and it was yummy! super yummy! everyone (excluding micah, who hates everything) approved.
  7. how we solved the problem of bathing layla without getting the casts wet. body in, legs out! (with bread bags rubberbanded around her legs!)

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