Thursday, February 2, 2012

serial casting–episode 1

I picked up layla early from school today. the long-awaited day FINALLY arrived! casting day!
today, layla got the first of at least 6 sets of casts to help loosen and lengthen her heel cords and surrounding muscles and ligaments, and to hopefully correct the toe-walking.
leg 1:016018
leg 2:023024
all done!029
standing up on them for the first time.033
walking – a bit awkward at first.036
practicing balancing and adjusting body position and all sorts of stuff that is now out of whack.038
after it was all done, we went to target to pick up some metallic sharpies for writing on the casts, and some new nail polish for the toes, which are, for the time being, perpetually exposed… sparkly purple and sparkly blue… 039
overall, she seems to be pretty unfazed by it… although she thinks the ‘no jumping in puddles’ restriction might be more than she can handle. she has a little speech all prepared for those who ask the inevitable, “what happened?”
we’ll see how it goes. we go back on monday for the next set.


  1. Thank you for sharing. Our son Daniel had his first set put on Friday. I cannot wait to see the outcome in the end. I am trying not to get my hopes up TOO high but I would love it at least if he didn't fall so much!



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