Sunday, January 15, 2012

week 2 in pictures

sunday:004 yes, this is a little odd. after church, we took our FILTHY van through the car wash. I am always impressed by all the pretty colors they squirt on your car, so, darnit!, I took a picture!

after church, carwash, and lunch, we headed out to hike the pipeline:Unnamed

monday:001 (2) micah and I ran some errands that included grocery shopping. when we got to the car to put the groceries in, I discovered that he had dabbled in a little bit of shoplifting. apparently no one noticed the pack of gum in his hand… so I made him go back in and hand it back to an employee. **sigh**

tuesday:006 toby has been a little insecure lately. I think because of all christmas, company, and parade of dogs though our house. roscoe and dakota are back, and shane keeps having troubles with toby sitting on his face… perhaps the two are related?

wednesday:004 dave’s birthday present arrived! new oakleys. his last pair broke back in 2005 when he sat down funny on them on an airplane. he’s been without ever since. notice all the nifty customizations: black w/ orange logo (wonder what that’s for? no, not oregon), and if you look closely, there’s a SF logo etched into the lens…

thursday:008well, either spring is arriving early, or the birds know something is coming… robins have been EVERYWHERE lately. one time, I looked out at this bush to see, seriously, about 15 robins on it. they love those red berries, and have completely stripped it!

friday:2012-01-13 the final of our christmas celebrations. we got together with my auntie marge for pizza and exchanging gifts. the kids love all the fun stuff she puts in goodie bags for them – especially the staples of candy, socks, and toothpaste!079 all 3 kids got puzzles, and the younger two’s got done that evening. not shane’s, since his has 500 pieces!

saturday:087 it’s snowing! it’s snowing!!!! not a ton, but enough to go out and get good and cold and have a snowball fight!

and the extras:2012-01-09

  1. micah and I went to check out a preschool that he will be starting at on tuesday.
  2. they did a penguin craft, that micah didn’t do during class time, but wanted to do after. the teacher was nice and sent all the pieces home for him to do on his own.
  3. roscoe and dakota being (bad) happy dogs on the couch where they don’t belong!
  4. micah, making a playdough birthday cake.
  5. snowball fight!
  6. micah, making a snow angel, and layla preparing to shove that snowball in his face.

that’s it! more snow pics to come, I’m sure!

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