Tuesday, May 31, 2011

week 21 in pictures


dave was a little bit tired. he fell asleep on the couch after church. layla drew a picture for him. I thought this was really cute.


dave brought me ‘my baby’ all warm and wrapped up in his ducky towel after his bath. I tried to hold him like a baby and convince him that he was still my baby… yeah, that didn’t go over so well. “no! I’m just a boy!”


layla, doing a cheer for me. excuse underwear-clad micah.


I NEVER let this happen. I’m usually super anal about keeping the sink empty and the dishes directly going into the dishwasher. wow. that was so depressing I had to take a picture!


for whatever reason, micah was totally wound up on friday night and couldn’t go to sleep. he finally passed out around 11 in the chair.


uncle eric was in town and we had brunch with him on saturday.

more saturday:2011-05-28

they brought the kids paper and crayons while we waited. they had this wall where they displayed kids’ drawings, and micah and layla both wanted to have their pictures hung up. layla drew a very talented cook, flipping 4 pancakes at a time!


  1. dave turned over the couch, looking for something. the disaster underneath was so disturbing I had to photograph it.
  2. micah and layla went out to play in the POURING rain. he was so cute all dripping.
  3. the sunlight hitting the trees out the back door one evening.
  4. micah, moth full of chicken nugget at mcdonalds.
  5. dave, showing off his mad happy meal toy flipping skills.

that’s that!

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