Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the saga of micah and the never-ending mystery fever… installment 2

so this post is already anti-climactic because he’s over it! i still don’t know what it was, because he’s certainly not sick w/ anything i can see.

but anyway, installment 2 goes like this. saturday morning, he woke up cool. he was relatively happy, played, etc. once again, i was thinking we were in the clear. then sometime, late morning, he came and got me and told me he wanted to snuggle. red flag #1. so we went and cuddled up on the couch. he wound up falling asleep draped across my lap, and as he slept, i could feel him getting warmer and warmer. while he slept, i stuck the thermometer in his armpit and the highest it went was 100.4. so then i’m confused. it’s up. but not that much. do i take him in, or not?

i decided to call the nurse advice line at our dr’s office and when they called me back they basically said that since it had been that many days, he should probably be seen. so we got an appointment for early afternoon. i LOVE that about our pediatrician’s office. you can ALWAYS get in. even on the weekends.

so we go. he gets examined. the big sigh of relief came when she looked in his ears and they were fine. PHEW! she looked at everything else and said that his nose looked a little congested and his throat looked a little red, but nothing was bad enough to be concerning. so that was a little frustrating, but at least there’s nothing obvious wrong with him. we were told to give it a couple more days and come back on monday if the fever didn’t go away.

well, it did.

saturday was the last we saw of it. dave stayed home from church with him on sunday, and other than not eating a whole lot that day, he was perfectly normal, and yesterday the same.

so there you go, the never-ending mystery fever finally ended, but it’s still a mystery!

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