Thursday, September 3, 2009

latest micahisms

i know i wrote a post about “nonnies” recently (bananas), but i’ve been noticing that micah is starting to abandon his cute baby pronunciations of some things and i want to make sure i write them down before i forget.

  • doko=hot dog (or any similarly shaped object)
  • bopple=apple (similar to layla’s bapples, but not quite)
  • lala=layla (not the teletubby)
  • beebee= baby (usually in reference to dolls, but he got super excited at the library the other day when he saw a real baby and kept pointing and yelling “beebee! beebee!”)
  • gaygake=pancake

there’s no more mama or dada, we’re mommy and daddy, or sometimes even just mom or dad. SO depressing! and the one that’s killing me is “toot toot” is starting to change over to train. sometimes we get “toot toot, train” now. like he has to combine both before switching.

we really like his “what doing?” and “where going?” questions. if you’ve seen phineas and ferb and know isabella’s tagline, “whatcha doin?” that’s the spin you’ve got to put on it. SO funny!


  1. I literally just heard hazel ploaying alone in her room say, 'Oh Man!' i think i laughed for 3 full minutes, where did that come from?!

  2. So cute. I love when parents make posts like darling and such a wonderful reminder in the years to come.



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