Sunday, June 4, 2017

2017–week 22

sunday: more sanding. my skin was turning green.


also sunday: filed under: life right now.


monday: memorial day weekend concludes with more sanding… this was the slowest process ever.018

tuesday: new bottle!!!


also tuesday: after dropping layla at gymnastics and before he had to be at baseball practice, we made a quick costco run. micah was an awesome helper. i pushed the cart and told him what i wanted. he loaded it all, and put it on the conveyer at checkout. then he helped me load the car. 020

wednesday: most (not all, as i learned at on a subsequent trip) of my things out of my classroom. it’s for real that i’m not going back in the fall. now, what to do with this stuff?021

thursday: our family’s first orthodontist appointment! micah was pretty stoked that there was a wii in the waiting room. and he could see it though the door of the room we were in. verdict: no braces needed yet. but very likely later.2017-07-088

saturday: finally starting the staining, now that it’s all sanded… dave had a captive audience.2017-07-087

also saturday: handed out my first orange ticket. pretty stoked about this. 030

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