Sunday, February 19, 2017

2017–week 7

Sunday: After much stress and prep and planning, we pulled off our “fish pong” carnival game for the blue and gold banquet. the kids all seemed to have fun with the game and enjoyed our “pond scum” swedish fish jello prizes.023

monday: say hello to the new dapelo family van! fondly named “paper, snow, a ghost!” she’s a 2014 chrysler town and country.032

also monday: of course, it’s last minute valentine addressing.033

Tuesday: i love dave’s beard, i really do, but i HATE the trimming and all the little hairs that get all over the place. makes me crazy. they make these awesome contraptions called “beard bibs” that have suction cup thingies on them that fasten to the mirror so the bib catches all the hairs… i’ve been telling dave he needs one. and then he showed up with a trash bag and some scotch tape. it mostly worked…034

thursday: after driving as far as Weed on wednesday, we stayed the night in a marginally ghetto motel 6 with 2 full-sized beds for the 5 of us, and got up the next morning to make the rest of the drive to EG. first stop was breakfast at the original black bear diner! 039040

friday: girls all out for nails before the wedding. this was layla’s first gel manicure. hoping it lasts!041

also friday: some odd (but totally typical) family shenanigans… attempting to trade places on the beam without falling off. it was quite amusing.042

saturday: late in the evening after much post-wedding partying. 044

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