Saturday, November 19, 2016

hmmm... uncertain, the future is.

so, i'm kinda frustrated.
yes, I realize this is stupid, since keeping this blog up to date has not exactly been a priority of late, but still. I spent a lot of time getting my stuff configured how I wanted it and how it would function best and how to insert pictures easily and all that, and now it won't work.
ive always used windows live writer for my posts, and now, that is apparently dead, and it won't communicate with blogger and allow me to post.
so I can post here, right in blogger, but the picture configuring is heinous and I hate it.
or I can post via the app, but again, the picture configuring is heinous and I hate it.
I can just not post, which has pretty much been protocol for the last year or so.
or I can deal with my less than stellar options, and do my best.
I miss blogging.
I kind of feel like social media stole it. no need to post pictures and updates, because I can do it immediately from my phone, the second it happens.
but I like the record of it all here. in one place.
at any rate, this is a stupid update.
maybe there will be more that are less stupid, and maybe not.
we shall see.

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