Monday, March 16, 2015

project life 2015–week 11

sunday: apparently this is how the princess sleeps…050

also sunday: day two of epic dethatching project… we have raked up most of the moss into rows or piles. bonez thinks they’re comfy.051

tuesday: layla has mastered the cartwheel! 2015-03-23

thursday: check out this glorious spring tree! no, it’s not mine. wish it were, though.100

friday: this was an awesome day. 1) no preschool for conferences. 2) all of my parents scheduled their conferences on thursday. 3) all of my kids DID have school. 4) I got to meet up with some friends I never get to see anymore and took a decent walk on the trail. 5) I got coffee. 6) I got my nails redone (thanks, origami owl, for the extra cash!) with a little pot ‘o’ gold theme. 7) I went thrift shopping! 069

saturday: layla is sporting the layered necklace look… premier designs, origami owl, and goodie bag trinket! 072

also saturday: gotta love a good rope battle. (and when I can sneak a picture of shane into the book!)073

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