Monday, February 23, 2015

project life 2015–week 8

sunday: on the boat to come home after our amazing weekend in victoria.113

monday: layla, playing her recorder for gramma laurie.118

also monday: amy and her boys came for a visit. while she was here, I had her give layla a trim.121

wednesday: finally getting our van fixed. it was expensive. ugh.125

thursday: shane and I had mid-winter break this week, but layla and micah did not. shane was busy doing something or other that was not school all day, and I therefore, was unable to leave micah with him while layla went to gymnastics. was that ever a bad deal!! micah wanted so badly to be able to participate as well, and spent a lot of his time pouting about it. (have I mentioned that he does not handle disappointment well?) will have to sign him up for a trial class one of these days. he desperately wanted to jump into the foam pit.2015-02-286

friday: I’m official!! my origami owl business cards arrived!2015-02-285

saturday: it seems the best way to play a recorder is actually while sitting upside down… who knew?158


a collage of our sunday sightseeing in victoria. could not have asked for a nicer day! 2015-02-287

a collage of my trial jewelry bar set up. totally excited!2015-02-284

and I even got my nails done in O2 colors!!! what did we do before gel? 135

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