Monday, February 9, 2015

project life 2015–week 6

sunday: I spent my super bowl sunday evening dyeing rice for preschool.002

monday: tug of war!028

tuesday: walked in to find shane using the internet to do his homework… on the projector.007

thursday: layla’s first level 2 class. last week, was her first gymnastics class. I put her in level 1. at the end of class, the coach told me to bump her up to level 2. dreams coming true for this kid! she’s been begging to do gymnastics forever.011

friday: awww… mr. silly getting a squeeze. I love that he still snuggles with stuffed animals when he sleeps. 013

also friday: oh, bonez. this is not exactly how I planned to get a 3 day weekend. just before everyone leaving to go to school, micah opened the fridge. a 70% dark chocolate theo bar fell off the top and bonez inhaled it before anyone could do anything about it. ugh. I had to call in “sick”, trip to the vet, induced vomiting, etc, etc… so I spent the day keeping an eye on him as he slept it all off…2015-02-09

saturday: invisible fence day!! racking up dog-related expenses is our favorite game these days, so why not a few thousand more!022


bonez is obsessed with this orange ball. he chews on it constantly, tosses it for himself, drops it into your lap… just don’t try to take it away while he’s chewing on it. you’ll hear about it!002

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