Monday, January 12, 2015

project life 2015–week 2

sunday: happy to be back home and have this hairy menace back!194

monday: layla and toby snuggled up to read one of the new books she got from gramma laurie for christmas.195

tuesday: micah wanted to bring his wallet to school for his “sharing” day. mean mom wouldn’t let him bring it with the money in it, so this was his solution.200

wednesday: it seems micah may have a small crush on his new student teacher.2015-01-16

friday: after missing wednesday and thursday of work with some weird intestinal bug, I got back to work on friday to find get well notes from my kids in my box. awww…


also friday: dave’s birthday present finally arrived!! classic will clark jersey!2015-01-161

saturday: I am in love with bankers boxes.I spent the day organizing all my preschool stuff and filling up boxes. I need another set of these!211

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