Monday, July 14, 2014

shane’s 15th birthday

so, there are significantly fewer pictures from shane’s birthday than from layla’s. mainly because he doesn’t like a lot of fanfare and avoids the camera like it’s evil or something.

at any rate, shane turned 15 on the 12th.

birthday breakfast of requested cinnamon rolls from fred meyer. no, he would not smile. or look at the camera.347

lounging around with the dog while waiting for his friend to arrive so they could go to work.348

that’s right, shane arranged to spend his birthday working. and by working, I mean digging out old fence posts, replacing them, and fixing the fence in 95* weather at the farm down the road. they were at it all day.

he was done in time for dinner, and opened presents while waiting. both layla and micah got him sunflower seeds and candy.352IMAG0048

plus some sunglasses from micah and an old navy gift card from layla.358

birthday dinner of dave’s AWESOME ribs and corn on the cob. holy yum!362

his requested cake was an ice cream cake. and, holy cow, he was actually smiling!IMAG0062

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