Wednesday, March 19, 2014

remember when I used to blog?

you know, like actually write posts about stuff that I thought or things we were doing… funny stuff my kids were doing, how my daughter, at the age of 2 and a half, refused to poop… I wrote about knitting, I wrote about cooking, and more than anything, I think I wrote about my horrible fight with the entity of housekeeping…

it’s funny to look back, something I find myself doing a lot of now, and see how, in the 6 years since I started this blog, life has changed. a lot of it is that my kids are older. the ‘stuff’ of daily life is different. all of my kids are in REAL school now, at least part of the day. I haven’t changed a diaper in years. nobody takes naps, unless they are sick or have been to a sleepover. breastfeeding, potty training, baby wearing, co-sleeping (except for the occasional sneaky nighttime visitor or bad dream) is all a memory now. even sippy cups. I didn’t think there would ever be an end to the sippy cups. it’s all very, very weird, and I find myself getting nostalgic over the stupidest things. I was laughing hysterically in a restaurant the other night over this baby (about a year old) who kept dropping things on the floor. first the cup, then the bread she was eating, then the cup again… seriously gravity is a b****.

but anyway, I don’t really post about much of that anymore. project life, and the related posts have hijacked all of my “must document” energy. I used to write about things that were going on as a way to share what we were doing… what life was like. I do that now weekly, with my post of the weekly pics, or via facebook or instagram. while that’s fun, and immediate, short and sweet, I really miss blogging. writing the stories about the actual stuff we are doing.

right now, my days are crazy. we drive 10 miles each way to get to school. multiple start and end times because of junior high, elementary, and half-day kindergarten. we really like our schools, but sometimes I kind of wonder what my current degree of insanity is. I am completely obsessed right now with barre3. I go almost every day. I was hoping to be auditioning to be an instructor for them, but seem to have encountered an unexplained set back that is out of my hands… so I guess I just have to be patient there, and see what happens. monday and tuesday, after picking up micah from school, I go and clean my mom and dad’s house for them. the rest of the week days, we just go to hang out with my mom so my dad can get away or outside for a little while. it’s hard on micah, but he’s finding creative ways to keep himself busy. breaking from his routine is hard for him, so hopefully he will adjust to this new routine soon. then it’s off to pick up other kids. every friday, I get to hang with layla’s class during their slot at the school library. that’s very fun. checking books out, reshelving, all of that. then after, I have about 20 minutes before micah is out of school, so I go to lunch with her and just hang out and chat with her and her friends. it really is just lovely (aside from the scent of cafeteria food). layla has ballet once a week. shane has workouts at the high school for football 4 times a week. two of those days I drive the carpool. I have to say, cramming my van to the rafters with teenage boys is one of the highlights of my week. always hilarious. somewhere in there, I try to get grocery shopping and errands done with as few ‘helpers’ as possible. all said and done, I am almost never home between the hours of 8:30 and 4:30. it’s like I work full time… like it, but without the paycheck… oh, and I host the moms club book club once a month, and still hold a board position (I’ll be all done in june). and then there are assorted band concerts and what not sprinkled in here and there.

for the last couple of months, I’ve been doing a lot of single parenting. dave’s company is moving offices this coming weekend, which has meant a TON of extra work for him. he’s been gone most weekends, and working crazy hours from before we get up until after we go to bed at night. he’s put in 40 hours in the last 3 days… I’m hoping there’s a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere soon…

6 years ago, I had a lot less STUFF going on. I had more time to obsess about what a terrible homemaker I was. that fact has not changed, I just have less time to actually do something about it. I don’t know if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing, but my house is always messy, as usual, preparing creative meals that people will actually eat is still a struggle I don’t enjoy in the least, and even my laundry has been known to get behind! I know! (gasp!) I still wish I could somehow be one of those neat, organized people, who just somehow DOES all of that stuff easily and without having to remind myself that I’m actually supposed to DO something about it, but that’s another fact that hasn’t changed about me.

I’m at the point in the year where I’m starting to look forward to summer, when we don’t have to be anywhere at any certain time. ahhhh… if that doesn’t sound like vacation, I don’t know what does. vast blank pages on the calendar… oh, I can’t wait!

but now it’s bed time, and I’m totally getting sleepy… nighty night, bloggers, I promise to post more interesting stuff later. assuming we actually do some interesting stuff.

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