Sunday, February 9, 2014

project life 2014 week 6

sunday: minor glitter disaster in layla’s room…2014-02-09

monday: 3rd and 4th grade music performance at the school. it was hoedown themed. lots of fun, and layla loved dressing up like a cowgirl. they sang “home on the range” and similar songs, line danced and square danced. lots of fun. 010

tuesday: the “costco train” always seems to come by when I don’t have micah with me. this makes him sad.053

also tuesday: getting my hairs braided by my favorite stylist.055

wednesday: yes, my husband uses my head as a phone rest.074

thursday: this cat’s obsession with getting into the shower the second I get out is getting a little out of hand. he would not get off the mat so I could get out.075

saturday: dave changing the toyota’s oil.102

and a big collage from the hoedown.2014-02-091

and another from saturday, when shane discovered that our little swampy wetland in the woods was frozen solid.2014-02-092

and that’s a wrap. (I love that I’m staying caught up! granted, it’s only 6 weeks in, but it’s a good start.)

book shots:021022

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