Monday, December 30, 2013

week 52 in pictures

sunday: the kids, in the sunday school christmas program at church. shane played handbells, and layla and micah sang.037039

tuesday: it was christmas eve and SO exciting to have ALL of the candles, even the middle one, lit on the advent wreath.057

also tuesday: the candlelight portion of the christmas eve service at church.059

traditional after-service family photo op.062

thursday: layla got a rainbow loom for christmas. it has been popular…149

friday: toby is ‘helping’ shane play x-box.153

saturday: we spent saturday evening with kat and cole and went to church at gather that night. after the service, the kids were glued to their respective phones and dave and shane were finishing off the communion bread.2014-01-09

and some big collages from christmas day:2013-12-17162013-12-1717

and the cookie baking/decorating frenzy that went on that week. 2013-12-1715

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