Monday, November 11, 2013

week 45 in pictures

sunday: power was still out in the morning, but this was a good sign. finally came back on around 11am. about 26 hours without.086

also sunday: helping with homework.087

monday: micah’s soccer party was at round table pizza. he was super excited to have his very own trophy now!097

tuesday: back to ballet for layla!099

thursday: shane made this pot and planted this impatien plant in vbs the summer of… 2007? somehow or other, it has stayed alive all this time. one other random time, it even flowered. I may have killed it this time…109

also thursday: layla is studying her science book and writing notes on post-its.113

friday: I got to chaperone a field trip for layla’s class to MOHAI. it was so fun. these 6 girls were a great group. 118

saturday: dave and shane were off to home depot at 9am and came back with fence building supplies.132

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