Monday, September 16, 2013

week 37 in pictures

sunday: spent the afternoon doing some sorting of my mom’s stuff in their garage. trying to organize.068

monday: micah has been waiting for this day his whole life! he finally FINALLY got to play soccer!076

tuesday: more soccer. this time it’s layla’s practice.083

wednesday: it’s still summer! some after school sprinkler play in the backyard.090

thursday: this is not a welcome addition to our street. apparently there is road construction in our immediate future.094

saturday: how layla and micah entertain themselves at shane’s football game.121

also saturday: the bench of injured players. shane was first injured, so he’s the one without his jersey and pads on anymore. the rest were just dropping like flies. after the game, we got to spend some time in urgent care where we ran into #62. it was a rough game.130


perpetual footrest.085

glass japanese fishing buoys found in my parents’ garage. I knew my mom had some of these, I just didn’t know where.096

how layla “eats” broccoli. 104

totally crazy squirrel freaking out on our window screen.111

who needs crossfit? this is a huge dirt hill behind the bleachers at the high school. one of many ways layla entertained herself at shane’s football game.124

getting all splinted and wrapped up at urgent care.134

and one final pic that I have to include: 074

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