Monday, March 11, 2013

week 10 in pictures

monday: micah’s favorite food in the whole wide world…035

tuesday: his new favorite passtime… setting up soccer cones in ‘roads’ that he then ride through.001

thursday: earning their keep! actually, the just wanted to help me clean so I gave them rags and a bottle of windex. 015

also thursday: at book club, ingrid telling her famous “making meatballs with the kids” story.017

friday: a sunny afternoon MOMS Club park playdate. micah got hungry and wanted to leave, so his friend was kind enough to offer him some of her lunch to keep him there a little while longer.020

also friday: layla at a pj party with the birthday girl.024

saturday: a dry, sunny saturday meant the first mow of the season followed by fertilizer application!029

just one skinny this week… micah was ‘on the ball’ at target. yes, that’s a plastic axe stuffed down the back of the shirt… pretty sure he’s a ninja.021

and some little squares I will collage to put in the book.034 004 007009 012 018026 035

book shots:


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