Monday, November 5, 2012

week 44 in pictures

sunday: the giants won the world series!!!002

monday: layla had an ultrasound of her bladder and kidneys. everything looked good! she thought it tickled.017 - Copy

tuesday: micah woke up not feeling very well. he had a bad cough and when he got up, he came in and found me in the bathroom, where he promptly laid back down on the floor. I kept him home from preschool that day.023

wednesday: our front porch all decorated for halloween.144

and ready to go trick or treating. layla was rapunzel and micah was a pirate. I wore shane’s banana costume since he was staying home to hand out candy instead of going out himself.061 - Copy

thursday: micah got his own library card. he was SO excited!040

saturday: our group at the MOMS Club luncheon.600654_10151108759811497_137218974_n

a few littles to stick in the center slots.

026 - Copy 050

and the grid of instagrams:2012-11-01

book shots:

first half of the week:002

second half:013

1 side of a design G insert:005

other side of G:006

a design A cut in half to hold some extra pictures from the luncheon. I think I need to get some of the adhesive tabs to stick on the edge of this page because, in the book, it just looks like it’s half of the page behind it, which bugs me.008 011

and hopefully I’ll remember to link up this week as well.


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  1. So sorry your sweetie was feeling bad. Looks like he perked up though. SO exciting getting your first library card! We don't go near enough.



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