Wednesday, October 3, 2012

what i wore wednesday

alrighty then. another week has gone by and I have NUTHIN’ to show for it. for real. I’ve been bad this week. I spent a couple of days not feeling well, so the whole yoga pants on the couch look was definitely being rocked in a bad way. I’ve been super tired, not wanting to get up in the morning, squeezing an extra 15 minutes out of my alarm clock by going with the “I’ll shower later after the kids are dropped off” philosophy… yeah. that works really well. (as evidenced by the fact that I’m sitting here in old jeans and a hoodie, no make up, yesterday’s hair (which I think is actually the day before’s hair, because I don’t remember actually doing anything to my hair yesterday…) and aproximately 15 minutes until I have to leave to pick up my youngest from preschool.

yup. I think that philosophy is working well.

the week wasn’t a total wash, outfit-wise. I wore an awesome dress to church on sunday, which I got lots of compliments on, and I had this swell outfit on wednesday:067

yes, this is the ONLY picture I have of myself all week. a lovely, blurry, looks like my eyes have been gouged out of their sockets picture of me taking blackberry crisp (which was delicious, btw) out of the oven, taken by my youngest.


at any rate, because I know you’re dying to know:

  • top: thrifted
  • cardi: handmedown
  • jeans: gap, thrifted
  • UGGS! (pulled out for the first time this year, although looking at it now, I can see they were not really a good choice for this outfit… oh well. my feet were cold!)
  • jewelry: target
  • oven mitts: williams-sonoma

don’t you love it!

well, guess I’ll link up anyway… and hopefully do better for next week. (I’ll jump in the shower and get dressed just as soon as I get back from preschool pick up!)


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  1. Ha ha I love those blurry kid shots. Love the purple of the top and you know a yoga pants week is going to make dressing up this week so much better! :o) Thanks for joining up with WW :o)



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