Sunday, October 28, 2012

week 43 in pictures

sunday: we were celebrating my mom’s birthday… about a week late. I made some special carrot cupcakes with the most divine cream cheese frosting. no, I shouldn’t eat frosting with cream cheese in it, but I did. and it was good.008

monday: you’d think we had pet reptiles or something, with they way these two gravitate to the fireplace…014

wednesday: spent the afternoon making a little freebie DIY pennant banner. I needed a little fall color.070

thursday: cross country final. I LOVE this picture.043

friday: I DON’T love this picture, but it’s the best I’ve got. Layla and friend (I mean, rapunzel and flapper chick) kinect dancing at the monster mash at the school. some justin bieber song…055

saturday: end of season soccer party at our house… coach dave getting ready to hand out awards.061

some skinnies to stick in the center slots: 1. mom blowing out her birthday candle (73 wouldn’t fit on a cupcake). 2. micah’s prize “finger” that he “won” under suspicious circumstances playing bingo at the monster mash – he is absolutely in love with this thing. took it to bed with him. panics if he can’t find it… who knew? 3. boy and daddy sideline snuggle/cheer for layla’s team. 4. coach dave getting smothered by all his players.009 056060 063

and another grid of instagrams. guess I’ll have to find a drawing or homework item to stick on the backside of this.2012-10-271

book shots:010013

I’ll be linking up again at the mom creative. check it out!


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