Friday, October 26, 2012



“these are my first boots. they got really stinky. and these are my second boots.”145

my fashion designer at it again… but when do I tell her that’s not how you spell peace? the prospect of this blue-haired fashionista walking around in a shirt that says “peas” kills me every time I think about it. just. too. funny.147

pumpkin patch aftermath on my shoes.169

pumpkin patch aftermath on my car.002

receiving his birthday present from grandma and grandpa. new converse (or to micah, “cool shoes”). these wound up being too big and got exchanged for some red lace up ones.005

for some reason, ginger decided to sleep UNDER layla’s bed.013

a moment of kid-free relaxation. ahhh…018

we arrived at preschool a little to early for drop off. love all the fall trees and bushes around right now.016

a break in the rain while the kids are all at school meant a walk for the dog and me! she was beyond happy to get out and sniff something other than her own backyard.021

found this lovely red leaf all alone.023

needed to add some fall color inside so I made this pennant banner to hang on the mantel.025

some crafting lead to the floor being littered with fall-colored hole punches… ginger’s nose found one.027

labradors are notoriously dedicated about food. I had a crusty casserole dish for her to help me with. she got it jammed into the corner and under the cupboards, but she was still going to town.030

another angle.032

some morning bible study. and coffee. always coffee.034

this cracked me up. it’s an ugly sweater for dogs. it even calls itself what it is. I guess I know where to go if my dog gets invited to an ugly sweater party this christmas!036

hello, very cool-looking sky!038

just shoving in the cheerios.071

“camping”. she was using the wood chips to make ‘campfires’. then we took marshmallows (leaves with long stems) and roasted them over the campfire. then we made s’mores out of them (sandwich the leaf between two large, flat-ish wood chips and pull off the stem), and pretended to eat them.041

random military helicopter flyover at the cross country meet.044

awwww… LOVE.048

a particularly poignant paragraph in a book I’m reading.050

morning cuddles w/ my coffee and cat.059

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  1. I love the picture of your son snuggling with the cat. So sweet!



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