Friday, September 21, 2012


here we are again on friday! PHEW! I’m linking up my small squares at life rearranged again. so fun! I love seeing what everyone else posts. check ‘em out! share your own! do what you want to do! but thanks for stopping by.instafridaybutton

so here we go:

sunrise. the fires on the other side of the mountains have ‘gifted’ us with some spectacular sunrises lately. orange and red… totally awesome. 002

day 15: first thing you see. {my sweetheart}012

playing ‘pass the pigs’ with my kids.014

doing her best to blend into the carpet.016

some sunshine in the downstairs bathroom. gorgeous! and don’t you love my mom’s vase???? I’m indefinitely borrowing ‘babysitting’ it. 230

day 16: strange. {this was my dinner. I needed to do some shopping and didn’t have a lot of dinner options. I wound up making myself a quesadilla out of corn tortillas, cheddar, and taco bell fire sauce. totally awesome and well-balanced, I know. but I washed it down with a glass of gewurztraminer, so that makes it okay…}002

flat layla sighting in the closet!006

day 17: in my fridge.008

flat layla strikes again!047

I love to stand and watch micah play when I come to pick him up from preschool. it usually takes him a while to notice I’m there. the sandbox is HUGE, and it’s his absolute favorite place.003

day 18: price {how about free? fresh green beans picked moments before dinner. YUMMY! I love my garden. I love this time of year.}003

I don’t even know what to say about this one. layla and micah made up some checkers-style game involving marbles and this random piece of a metal shelving set… dave decided to get all geometric with it, I guess.008

a funny find in layla’s lunch box. I named it “pants carrot”.010

but wait… it gets better! meet “back-of-pants carrot”! 012

day 19: under. {wherever I am, she is near by. LOVE.}014

day 20: man-made. {hello, my dream house! yes, I get to live here! still pinching myself about it, though!}018

shane, the blue ninja. apparently this is how they looked at cross country practice yesterday… so, for those who live in the neighborhoods surrounding the school, if you see a bunch of teenage ninjas running down the road, don’t be alarmed. or maybe you should be…022

day 21: sometimes. {sometimes, I get to sit for a few minutes, in the dark, quiet morning. just me and my coffee. totally awesomeness.}025

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