Wednesday, August 8, 2012

what I wore wednesday


so, here I am for another installment…


  • top: valentine’s day gift from my awesome husband
  • skirt: thrifted
  • I’m pretty sure I have on earrings in that pic, but I can’t tell which ones they are and I can’t remember. oh well.

this is a good outfit for running to costco and getting complimented by the cashier at the photo center. with this shirt, you either love it or you don’t get it.


  • shirt: one of several MOMS Club shirts that I own
  • skirt: handmedown
  • necklace: gift from my parents when I was probably 14 or so.057
  • earrings: these are the ones I mentioned last week that were the first pair my mom bought for me after I got my ears pierced.058

in this outfit, you can totally rock a MOMS Club meeting (I happen to be the president of our chapter and this was our monthly meeting day).



  • top: fashion bug in napoleon, ohio
  • cami: target
  • skirt/skort: target
  • hair thingie: gift from my sweet friend, tina.

I was rocking a day at the beach on friday. this skirt is actually supposed to be a running skort, but I bought it a couple years ago to use as a swimsuit bottom. I LOVE it. it works for any situation where you might get wet. the fabric dries superquick, and it’s got bike shorts sewn into it, so you don’t have to panic if you have to bend over to keep your kid from drowning. (well, that might cause a panic in itself, but at least you wouldn’t have to panic about the bending over part.)

I also have to say that I think I set some sort of record here… NOTHING in this outfit is thrifted or handed down. I purchased every. single. thing. NEW! that never happens! LOL!


my picture turned out blurry, and my outfit wasn’t really that exciting anyway. plaid shorts and a grey t-shirt… woohoo.



  • top(s): no, you’re not hallucinating, that’s what I wore on friday. but I needed a black tank on sunday too. don’t worry, it had been through the wash already.
  • skirt: thrifted (this is my favorite, FAVORITE skirt!)
  • shoes: saltwaters!
  • necklace: pearls my mom gave me on my wedding day. her brother got them for her when he was stationed in the south pacific… like 50 some odd years ago.
  • earrings: pearls I was given as a graduation gift by some friends.

a classic church outfit, but versatile and breezy enough for spending hours sitting in the blazing hot sun while your make-up melts off your face, watching the blue angels fly. (note to self: next time you are going to be standing on an asphalt freeway in 90+ degree heat, don’t wear black.)





  • top: old navy
  • skirt: old navy via thrift store
  • earrings: walmart
  • shoes (not shown in this pic, but in the better pic that turned out blurry, so I had to choose this one.): kohls (they are blue patent flip flops… I’m sure I’ll show them another time.)

a definite improvement from yesterday, which kind of derailed on me. this is my second favorite skirt of all time… I have another white skirt that I love, and every time I see one in the store or on another person, I want it! what is it with white skirts? I love this one because it’s long and linen and just kind of screams “summer afternoon by the lake with a margarita in hand”… even if all I’m doing while wearing it is dropping my kids off at vbs and unloading the dishwasher… I still say this top could use a belt, since it’s so long, and I tried on every belt in my closet with it today, but they are all ‘keep your pants up’ belts, and did NOT work with this. I have some plans to knit or crochet some belts/sashes sometime soon, so I need to get on that. they’re super cute! can’t wait to report on that!

so… here’s a little added benefit I’ve noticed in the past 2 weeks of doing this. I am getting much more creative with my hair. my hair is really pretty long, reaching a good inch below the back of my bra if I wear it down. my default, is usually to just leave it down, which is nice sometimes, (and easy), but kind of boring every day. I kind of feel like what’s the point of having long hair if I never do anything with it, and having a picture of myself with the same hairstyle every day is almost as bad as wearing the same outfit every day. so it’s been kind of fun in that aspect, too.

linking up again with the (fabulous) pleated poppy.

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