Monday, July 9, 2012

week 27 in pictures

sunday: sightseeing in pasadena. rose bowl and city hall.553067_3736881253463_1966714417_n528966_3736881653473_1300040235_n039

monday: fighting boredom by inventing ways to tow younger siblings with the lawnmower.2012-07-09

tuesday: layla set up a ‘store’, so I could come and shop. these were all her ‘wares’. I walked away with lunch and a pet dog, all for $4!2012-07-096

wednesday: happy 4th of july! our friends, kat and cole came up on tuesday night and stayed over. in the morning, the big boys all went for a lengthy bike ride. the printed labeling on the legs of dave’s cycle shorts was flaking off and it was bugging cole, so he decided to ‘wax’ them with packing tape. it was hysterical.007

thursday: I downloaded the disney jr. ap for my phone, which the kids think is awesome, especially since we lost the channel when we moved. that night, dave took the kids upstairs to ‘snuggle’ and get settled for bed. what I found when I went up there, was him asleep in our bed and them (including shane) watching a riveting episode of doc mcstuffins on the phone, in the dark, phone propped up with a teddy bear on the headboard.020

friday: I don’t have a picture for friday, but layla wanted to draw a picture of her and her friend, makenna, swimming in the lake (which is what they did that day), so I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have an actual picture!

saturday: our friends came over for dinner and chatting. the kids ran through the sprinklers and micah was ecstatic to have ella over to play!042

and plenty of instagrams this week:


book shots: 078076

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