Tuesday, May 22, 2012

week 20 in pictures

sunday: we knew it wouldn’t take long, but by the day after we moved in, shane was clamoring to get out on the lawn mower!072

monday: micah is thoroughly enjoying the playroom… in many odd ways. he’s playing his leapster inside of all of that…002093

this is me, toasting monday morning with a cup of coffee on my porch swing… I anticipate this will be a favorite spot for this… when it warms up a bit. even though it was a nice day, it’s not exactly warm at 6:30am in may!






tuesday: ugh! more car trouble. this time, the timing belt. got a call in the evening from dave, saying he was dead on the side of the road on his way home from work. boo hiss!097

wednesday: another track meet. this time shane did the long jump, 50 yard dash, and relay. took 1st in both long jump and 50 y, and 3rd in the relay. 021022

and this is how you get kids to the car in style…









thursday: this is not an uncommon sight… micah, playing games on my phone, just chilling on the kitchen floor…015

friday: summer and I at the MOMS club garage sale. although the sun is out, it was FREEZING! I went and got a picnic blanket out of my car and we cuddled up!542323_10150933551376422_632871421_11943012_963443835_n

and a few more shots involved with the garage sale… I had micah with me all day on friday, and this is how he spent a good share of the day. he found a spiderman chair that was for sale and a little kid driving game and settled himself right in. eventually someone bought the chair… and then there is me, in the bath, contemplating never getting out at the end of the VERY. LONG. DAY…


saturday: more garage sale for me, but dave and shane had a 70 mile training ride. dave snapped some cool shots of some of the scenery.Picasa88

there are a few instagrams that I worked in here and there…025083080

book shots:090097093095

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