Sunday, April 29, 2012

week 17 in pictures

oh, what a week!

sick. all. week.

everybody. somebody. anybody (exept dave).

sunday it was shane, micah and i.

monday, it was shane, micah, layla, and i.

tuesday, shane was better.

wednesday, micah was better.

thursday, I was worse!

friday, I thought layla was going to be better, but really wasn’t.

saturday was the best day all week, and even that wasn’t so spectacular!

sunday: micah slept most of the day in my bed. he got up a grand total of 3 times, all of which were trips to the bathroom and then directly back into bed. poor kid.Picasa53

monday: layla went to school in the morning and I took the boys to the doctor. that afternoon, I got a call from layla’s teacher that she had fallen asleep in class and wasn’t feeling well. I went and got her, and everyone spent the afternoon passed out.Picasa56

tuesday: more sleeping sick people. toby always keeps the sick person company. it’s so sweet.003

wednesday: I attempted to be productive. got two boxes packed of kitchen stuff, but was sneezing so much and felt so awful I had to quit. the dishes are still all stacked up on the counter, waiting to be packed.Picasa64

thursday: worst day for me. I woke up feeling like my head was going to explode. still sneezing my brains out and coughing my lungs out. dave stayed home from work that day to manage things. my voice couldn’t even last through reading stories, so he filled in and read layla her chapter of little house on the prairie.114

friday: shane, walking home from the bus, french horn in hand.117

saturday: dave was mowing the lawn and had to move the climber. micah wanted to “help”… 118

and then there is the instagram entourage:


I have my 2x2 photo pocket pages all ready to go! can’t wait to stick them all in.

and next week, I hope my week is severely lacking in pictures of sleeping, sick children!


  1. Week and a half to go. Are you stressing yet or just excited?

    1. hahaha. it's not even real in my mind!



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