Sunday, April 8, 2012

week 14 in pictures

sunday: we spent the night down south with our friends. the next day was spent hanging out, chatting, laughing. the big boys went for a bike ride in the late morning, but it was wet and freezing, so they stayed in after that. the kids always have a blast playing together.IMG_20120401_153255

monday: toby thinks we bought the papasan for him.021

tuesday: layla had a music performance at school it was just the 1st and 2nd graders. pretty cute. bad picture because it was in the gym. she’s the super short one in the red top near the middle.001

wednesday: micah wrote this song.004

thursday: the evolution of packing to move.Picasa38

friday: micah and I went to an easter egg hunt/playgroup at a friend’s house. he had a ton of fun playing and was very excited about his eggs.Picasa39

saturday: dave and shane had a TNT ride over on vashon island. it was a crazy beautiful day for them. that’s mt. rainier in the background. IMG_20120407_105507

and the extras:Picasa40

  1. layla and her betrothed… notice his arm…
  2. ginger, snuffling around in the back yard.
  3. while down south, we went to their church. they had this big sheet of paper taped to the wall for kids to draw on. all the little girls flocked to it!
  4. micah, taking a picture of his sandwich, with his camera he made out of legos.
  5. doing his part to put the chairs away after the music performance.
  6. leaving the ferry dock at vashon.
  7. gorgeous view of mt. rainier across the sound.

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  1. Love the picture of Shane. Such a pretty background!



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