Monday, March 19, 2012

week 11 in pictures

sunday: micah and his bff (future wife) ella, building a kitty house together in the church nursery.028

monday: at the band concert last week, I mentioned to mr. kelly that shane was thinking of switching to french horn next year. on monday, he came home with one! apparently the school has a few that aren’t being used and since so few kids want to play french horn, he was more than willing to get shane started right away! what a freakin’ cool instrument!! I actually had to MAKE shane stop practicing.001

tuesday: layla and micah playing barbies together. yes, micah’s wearing his swim suit. I have no idea why, but he does this ALL. THE. TIME…005

wednesday: in the book, these two pics will be collaged together. shane took ginger out in the yard to throw the ball. this dog NEVER tires of chasing a ball. NEVER. 011014

thursday: science fair at the school. layla did her project on labrador retrievers. shane did his on how the storage temperature of popcorn affects how it pops.  these two pics will also be collaged together in the book.034036

friday: ginger and toby, in the closest proximity they’ve been since ginger moved in… the reason? I was eating a piece of turkey… yes, both are quite food-motivated. (I’m suspicious that toby may be part lab. but don’t tell him that, I’m sure he’d be offended!)039

saturday (not really): this is SOOOO micah! this is what he chose to have for lunch. fruit boy had a banana, an orange, and a cup of applesauce. 020

and the extras:Picasa30

  1. ginger passed the crusty casserole dish test! she gets to stay!
  2. shane and micah, starting the family band.
  3. layla, trying out the trumpet
  4. shane as the one man band… yes, he was able to get sound out of both instruments at once. and, because you use your left hand to press the valves on the french horn, and the right hand on the trumpet, you could, technically play something worth listening to…
  5. FINALLY! a vacuum that sucks! we had to replace our vacuum cleaner and I decided to just fork over the dough and get a GOOD one. I LOVE IT!
  6. micah and finnigan – on saturday, we went to look at a house down their way, so we stopped by amy’s house afterward. it’s so funny because finnigan loves for micah to play with him!
  7. that’s shane and an ENORMOUS spoonful of peanut butter. snack of choice around our house. yes, we’re weird like that.

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