Monday, February 27, 2012

week 8 in pictures

sunday: dave made french toast for dinner on saturday night, so the kids were looking forward to having leftovers of it the next day… in true micah fashion, he didn’t bother to wait for anyone to get him any or even ask for any. nor did he bother with a plate, or warming it up. he did, however, remember the powdered sugar… 016

monday: we have a new piece of ‘equipment’! meet the “power tower”. this is my parents’ birthday gift to dave. it arrived in the evening, so he and shane set right to work putting it together… in the livingroom. it looks so lovely there, and now that it’s together, we’re not sure we can get it out! Picasa20

tuesday: the long-awaited day! layla’s last set of casts came off and no new ones went on! she has these clod-hopper orthotics now, that fit inside REGULAR shoes (with a little bit of effort). she is very excited about her brand new TIE shoes.Picasa21

micah, all stuffed into the doll crib. 011

thursday: being camera-shy as usual, but shane got a new snuggie! we were going to get him this for christmas (because it goes w/ his sounders room theme), but they were sold out. I have to say, that I have always made fun of snuggies, but I TOTALLY want one! it’s seriously brilliant! you can hold stuff, and your arms don’t get cold! 007

this was my solution to being out of coconut milk to put in my coffee. it’s a chocolate coconut milk ice cream bar… and it was yummy.010

saturday: I started tackling a BIG project. getting all of the kids’ art, school papers, and other odds and ends organized! WOW! I went out in the garage and found 3 big, deep boxes and started dumping stuff in. I’m actually really pleased about how much stuff I have, and how I’m going to preserve/display it. more posts on that to come, I’m sure.015

the extras:Picasa22

  1. after getting her casts off, layla took the longest, hottest, bubbliest bath EVER! she was so excited.
  2. one major accomplishment: all of layla’s kindergarten papers, report cards, homework, etc. all bundled together and labeled.
  3. pirate micah, ready for bed, complete with his head wrap and lego sword.
  4. the boxes, just getting started.
  5. (and 6.) we woke up saturday morning to some surprise snow! already on the ground and still falling! it didn’t stick around long.

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