Monday, February 20, 2012

week 7 in pictures

sunday: when shane is reading at the end of the day, toby almost always sits on him for some cuddle time. this just looked so sweet. like when my babies would fall asleep on me…117
monday: casts #4. this time she opted for 2 white ones.003
tuesday: rockin’ playgroup at miina’s. it’s always a good sign when the entry is littered w/ tons of shoes.004
wednesday: dave and micah playing a little table tennis… yes, those are plastic frying pans. the ball – a plastic plum.009
thursday: final casting appointment. look at that right foot flex! this is major improvement! 013
friday: micah wrote my name in playdough!001
saturday: these two were playing fairies. they each have paper wings taped to their backs and a little paper pouch of pixie dust hung around their necks.Picasa19

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