Thursday, November 17, 2011

paleo muffin fail

so, I finally decided to enter into the baking sphere. paleo, that is. I bought some coconut and almond flour and decided to give it a try. since I have a bunch of blueberries in the freezer, I thought that blueberry muffins would be a good place to start. so I searched some recipes and found one that called for ingredients I had on hand, and was JUST blueberry muffins. found a lot of banana-blueberry muffins and the like, but I wanted straight blueberry. so I went for it. I was a little skeptical as I was mixing it up. even though it called for 3 eggs and a 1/4 cup of honey, it seemed very short of liquid. but the comments on this recipe mentioned how good and moist they were… so I figured maybe it would all ‘bond’ when baking and all would be good.

well, not really…009

as you can see, these are not exactly ‘muffins’. they are more like a ‘crumble’ of sorts and I’m a little bit at a loss as to how we’re going to eat them. maybe put it in a bowl and pour a little coconut milk over them. maybe I invented some new cereal! who knows.

at any rate, I have no idea what happened. maybe they left out an ingredient when they posted the recipe or the measurement of the flour was posted wrong. who knows.


I did try a muffin. my hunch was correct about them being like a crumble. a VERY good crumble, actually. I dumped the muffin over in a small bowl and poured just a tad of coconut milk over it. it was delicious!!!! in fact, after finishing that one, I rinsed my bowl and spoon, and put them in the dishwasher. about 15 minutes later, I walked into the kitchen, grabbed another bowl, another muffin, and did the same thing! YUM! I wouldn’t want it with a LOT of coconut milk on it because I think then it would be soggy, and I ate it pretty fast, to preserve the crunchy, nutty thing that was going on with it. seriously yummy. might even post the recipe, but NOT as a muffin recipe!


  1. Yum, that looks really good. I love coconut milk... What recipe did you use? :)

  2. a lot of coconut recipes need more liquid than is called for. So i usually add applesauce until it looks more right. It's better to bake it longer to evaporate the liquid than to have ones that are too dry. So add applesauce to teh recipe and try again!



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