Tuesday, November 8, 2011

sad day

discovered this in shane’s room today.015

it seems that peanut has joined the ‘pile’. I cannot tell you how sad this makes me. it’s actually quite devastating. I might take him to bed with me.

the ‘pile’ itself has dwindled significantly recently, with only a few very special animals making the cut. over the years, the whole ‘pile’ system has been an interesting dynamic. shane has always been a big fan of stuffed animals. loved them. several have found their way into his collection by way of him ‘rescuing’ them from whatever horrid fate he thought awaited them at the store where they were currently residing. dave and I will always remember the infamous ‘canada bear’ incident that needed to come home with him…

at any rate, there has always been a ‘pile’. and then there were the ‘elect’. the members of this group has varied a bit throughout the years, but the 3 constant members were PB, peanut, and cocoa. (peanut is the blue elephant, PB is the yellowish bear, and cocoa is the reddish-pink bear.) those 3 were ALWAYS in his bed, usually with many others, but peanut was always the favorite.

and then there were just those 3.

and then there was just peanut.

and now…

excuse me. I think I need to go get a tissue.

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