Saturday, November 12, 2011

fall at the park

on thursday, dave took the day off of work and the kids had the day off of school for veteran’s day. it was a gorgeous day, and after some housecleaning, watching a cement truck back down the neighbors’ driveway and pour cement for a greenhouse foundation, we (and the dogs) headed off to the park.

layla, the dogs, and I left first, as micah still wanted to watch the cement truck excitement.

check out that blue sky and those great fall leaves! seriously, gorgeous!022

under those trees was a great assortment of leaves, all nice and dry and crunchy! that really only means one thing…014021018 layla took great care in assembling her leaf pile. like really. sometimes selecting only one or two leaves at a time… sigh…

but finally it was done to her satisfaction and she got to jump in it!024

dave and micah finally showed up… shane much preferred the cement truck action to the park, so he stayed behind.020 after jumping, it was time to toss!025026028 love it!

and then we decided to race over to the playground. 029apparently, this made her hot, all bundled up in winter gear. it really wasn’t that cold, but she insisted. this resulted in me carrying a pile of coats and hats home. of course.

fun trip, and resulted in the need for ice cream (coffee for me!) afterwards. so a trip into town included a stop at starbucks, TCBY, and then over to molbaks (a big local nursery) to browse all their christmas decorations and all that fun stuff that is out now.

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