Tuesday, November 8, 2011


well, we’re dogsitting again, this time for amy and adam’s two dogs, roscoe and dakota. the kids are beside themselves with excitement. I have to say, I enjoy having 4 legged friends of the canine variety around again… well, until the first time I opened the slider and a bunch of muddy doggy prints appeared on my dining room floor. ah yes, forgot about that part. BUT, really, they’re so fun to have around, and they are definitely making life interesting.

as soon as the crates were in the house and assembled, this happened:003 layla, especially, is beyond excited about this particular aspect of having dogs around! poor guys. they seem really confused about this.007 for those of you who don’t know roscoe and dakota, they are brothers. they are a mix of labrador, basset hound, and corgi. just looking at the two of them is a GREAT example of the genetic lottery system, and it cracks me up constantly. meet roscoe:010 the basset/corgi really shows up. he’s got these short little legs and this awesome barrel shape that’s just fantastic. his lowrider tendencies result in a wet belly every time he goes out in the long grass of the backyard. so shane was drying him off.  dakota, on the other hand, has the body type that is all lab. long legs, sleek, slender body, and his tail is about twice the length of roscoe’s. seriously, it’s hilarious to see them together.

something about this dog, just makes me want to take pictures of him sleeping. 017 dakota seems to like being wherever I am. like, RIGHT there.018 nope, the crates never get old. 019021


micah and I took them for a long walk today. forgot how much I love walking dogs. it was so nice today too. not to cold, no rain. still a lot of beautiful fall leaves out. I have to admit that the dogs listen to me much better than micah does… hmmm. that’s humbling.

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