Saturday, September 10, 2011

soccer saturday!

well soccer season officially started today! we had a full day of it, with layla’s game at 9am, shane’s at 12:30, and then dave reffed a game after that. dave is coaching both kids’ teams this year.

first up, layla:003    same team this year as last year, same 6 girls. she’s #8 this year… 8 has been shane’s number for years. how cute is that?

004     at U-7, they still don’t have an actual ref, so each team is supposed to provide someone to ref one of the halves. shane got to be the ref this time!

006     we’re still working on layla’s level of aggressiveness, and actually WANTING to get the ball… but she’s not a complete space cadet this year!

007    and of course, snacks are still very important.

then it was on to shane’s game:008     this is definitely a different team than former dynamite. we retained 7 players from last year and have 11 new ones. we also lost todd as head coach, so dave is running the show this year.

010    both teams were in red, so, as the home team, we had to wear the pinnies. so for this game, we’re yellow.

024     shane had some great moves today. super speed and some great passes. I love watching him turn it on when he needs to get somewhere. that kid can fly!026    unfortunately, after 2 early goals, our team seemed to run out of gas, and the other team scored 3 in the second half. boo. we’re not used to losing.

028009     micah did a little of this… he also played in the dirt.

027    layla made this. it’s a mouse! isn’t that cute?

and then, it was dave’s turn to run across the street and ref his first game!031034033     look at him, being all official!!

go diamonds! go dynamite! go dave! LOL!

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  1. So, are you planning on watching 2 games every Saturday? That is crazy! How long does soccer go for?



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