Monday, August 29, 2011

week 34 in pictures

sunday:008     micah’s melon face.

monday:001     the doormat out the back door. apparently it’s completely commonplace to find tinkertoys and hair clips next to your garden clogs.

tuesday:2011-08-23    micah eating ice cream. you cannot convince this kid that the cone is meant to be eaten. so he licks as far down into the cone as is physically possible… resulting in a chocolate goatee.

wednesday:007    costco’s latest product.

thursday:002     crayons on the warming tray! I will be eternally grateful to my mother for picking this up out of a rummage sale for me.

not friday:002     this is a random picture from some other time during the week. they made a fairground ride out of tinkertoys for the polly pockets. I’m SO glad that when I go to the fair, I’m not strapped, upside down, to the ride with a pipe cleaner!

saturday:2011-08-27    shane got sounders tickets for his birthday from gramma and papa. I got to go with him and it was SO exciting! they won, 6-2. such a great game. and we got to ride the light rail to the game, so that was just an extra bonus.

that’s the week!

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