Monday, July 18, 2011

week 28 in pictures

sunday:IMG_8745    dave, crossing the finish line of the STP.

monday:IMG_8798    this is layla’s (and noah’s) actual birthday, and kat made a cake for them and shane so we could celebrate while we were down there. we took a little break from playing in the water at GWL to go have lunch and a little celebration with them.

tuesday:140     shane’s birthday! flashing 12 with the help of the 9 candled birthday crown.

wednesday: ??? no pic.

thursday:002     layla and micah playing in our pop-up fire truck. (yes, we wear turtlenecks in july here.)

friday:021     shane was off on an overnight ‘fern hike’ in cle elum with our neighbors, so I took the little kids bowling with a bunch of friends. it was a HOOT! micah had never been bowling before and LOVED it. I had to keep a close eye on him because he kept pushing the buttons on the computer that controls the score screen, and, he was not very good at waiting his turn. several of his friends had ‘help’ with their bowling turns.

saturday: 2011-07-16  this is from our neighbor, who took the POTD(s) for saturday. micah was sick with the stomach flu and I didn’t photograph anything involved with that.

the extra pictures of the week:2011-07-10    interestingly, these are all from sunday. oh well.

extra pics from layla’s birthday:2011-07-11

extra pics from shane’s birthday:2011-07-12

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