Thursday, April 14, 2011

what’s in my closet? installment #1–short sleeve shirts

this is probably one of the worst areas of my closet… as in, I have the most of these, and most are hardly worth mentioning.

okay, first picture:018

  1. red v-neck, flowery tunic-type shirt (ross): I actually LOVE this shirt. I love the tunic style, because it is flattering to those of us who have had children and may or may not have something to hide in the mid-section. with this type of shirt, you’ll never know!
  2. yellow boatneck (weekenders - via my MIL): I like the style of this shirt, because it’s kind of like a plain t-shirt, but it’s not. I also like that it is of a decent length. I’m not sure how I feel about the color, though.
  3. seafoam green horizontal stripe polo (target – via thrift store): I like the buttons on this shirt. and that’s about it.

second picture:019

  1. navy MOMS club t-shirt (MOMS club order): I don’t like this shirt, but it serves an occasional purpose. so I guess as long as I’m mildly active in MOMS club, I’ll hang on to it.
  2. white polo (target – via mary): I like this shirt, but don’t like the way it fits. it’s a little small – tighter than I’d like, and kinda short.
  3. blue v-neck heart tunic-type shirt (ross): yes, this shirt is the same as the red one from the first picture, and I also LOVE it. I don’t like that I have two practically identical shirts, but I couldn’t decide which one I liked more, so I bought them both. oh well. I like it for all the same reasons as the red one, but the little hearts kinda make me think of the 80’s without looking dated.

third picture:020

  1. green polo (target – via mary): same as white one above, and with the same fit issues. maybe I can go on a diet.
  2. brown embellished shirt (target – via thrift store): I LOVE this shirt. the embellishment on the collar and sleeves are beads. it’s kinda loose and drapey, a good length… LOVE it. this is a keeper.
  3. red v-neck (target): i kinda like this shirt. I like the color – it’s a deep red, not a bright red. I’m not crazy about the fit – a little tight. but I really have it because it goes under a sweater I have. I don’t know if that’s a good enough reason to keep it, but if I keep the sweater, I have to keep this shirt. I also have a mustard yellow one just like it that is not pictured because I’m currently wearing it. I have it for the same reason, different sweater.

fourth picture:021

  1. blue rainbow-y tunic-style shirt (ross): another shirt I LOVE. there is actually nothing about this shirt that I don’t like. so if you don’t like it, too bad.
  2. white v-neck (walmart): I used to love this shirt. 5 and a half years ago when I bought it. I love the feel, the fit, and everyone needs a good white t-shirt. that’s what this used to be. but now it’s worn, thin, stained, grayed, and all those things that happen to your favorite white t-shirt after 5 and a half years of love. this needs to be replaced, but I’m not willing to part with this until I do. sad, I know.
  3. mud hens t-shirt (toledo mud hens game – via dave): dave got me this shirt at a baseball game. I like it, but I usually just use it as a shirt under a hoodie. occasionally I wear it by itself in the summer. aside from the fact that the mud hens are the AAA team in the closest city to where I lived in ohio for 2 years, I have no special attachment to the team.

fifth picture:022

  1. purplish v-neck (target): I really like this shirt. mainly I love the color. it’s identical to the red one (and mustard yellow) that I mentioned above. like the others, it’s a little on the tight side, but still, I love the color.
  2. navy t-shirt (fred meyer): I don’t like this shirt at all. it’s small, faded, old. I keep it because I wear it under a sweater. it doesn’t match very well, but is the closest thing I have. yes, I am aware that that is a lame reason to have it in my closet.
  3. gray t-shirt (fred meyer): same as the blue one, completely, including the reason I’m keeping it. BUT, this one actually does match the sweater.

sixth picture:023

  1. white ‘west coast’ v-neck (my mom): I don’t like this shirt. it’s hard to get on and off because it is kinda fitted, but not stretchy enough to accommodate that. I keep it to wear under hoodies.
  2. pink scoop neck t-shirt (walmart): I hate this shirt. I like the color, and I have use for a pink t-shirt often, but I hate the way this one fits. it’s too baggy and gets stretched out easily. I got it shortly after my beloved white one (above), hoping it would fit the same. FAIL.
  3. black tunic-style shirt (express – via thrift store): I LOVE this shirt. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. it’s got little patches of bling up on the shoulders. it’s really long, so it has a different look than your standard shirt. and it’s loose and flowy. the only thing I don’t like about it is it’s hand-wash/line dry, but I’ll deal.

okay. that’s it. that is the sum total of all my short sleeve shirts.

please excuse me, I have some tossing to do.


  1. So, in regards to the two shirts I gave you. Same issues. That is why I don't wear them anymore. I am kind of anti fitted when it comes to shirts. I like them long and flowey thanks to 4 children and two csections. I LOVE the black one with the bling and as far as I am concerned I would ditch any of the others that you don't LOVE. So, that would be the pink, the west coast one, the two from me (if you are uncomfortable in them) and the navy.
    I know. It's a lot.

  2. I think it is funny that you have shirts that you hate, but you still keep them. If you hate them, don't like the way they fit or their color, or haven't worn them in the past 2 years-get rid of them! There is someone out there that actually NEEDS clothes, so if you don't need them, donate them to someone who does. Life is too short to wear bad clothes :) (this is christie btw :))



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