Tuesday, April 5, 2011

week 13 in photos

sunday’s POTD:002     this seriously is so stinkin’ cute. dave was already sitting there reading his book, and micah just climbed up and joined him.

monday’s POTD:005always it seems, when shane makes it into pictures, he’s got toby with him, and is doing something odd. here he’s trying to eat ice cream. so is toby.

tuesday’s POTD:006   layla was making herself some paper dolls. I love that she can manage this by herself now!

extra photo:007    now that is a serious cat nap.

extra photo:008  micah was a ‘sick puppy’, and this is his bed at the vet’s. dr. layla got him all fixed up again. it’s hard to tell, because the picture is cut off on top, but he’s laying under our coffee table.

wednesday’s POTD:014         I had agreed to make a dessert to bring to the soup supper at church, so the kids helped me make some brownies. they were very excited to help… and eat them.

thursday’s POTD:2011-03-31mary was kind enough to walk me through how to make these nifty collages and add some text and stuff on picassa. I was so excited! this week’s forsythia shot had some ‘extras’. micah jumped in the shot and decided he was going to pretend to be a catcher. he would crouch down, pretend to catch the ball, then throw it, and then crouch down again. I have no idea what this has to do with forsythia, but oh well.

friday’s POTD:2011-04-011I should probably do this one as a post of its own, and I probably will, but this was the collage I made of layla’s adventure getting her ears pierced!

the rest are all ‘extra photos’:011I love this picture of shane waiting patiently in claire’s. he just looks SO out of place! he was a good sport, though. layla wanted her entire family there with her for support!

026   after getting layla’s ears pierced, we went out to dinner at red robin.

028  micah actually eats when we go there. mac n’ cheese is one of the few ‘dinner’ foods he’ll eat. go figure.

029   layla was still flying high from her experience! super excited!

031        a sorta close up shot of the hello kitty earrings. just like her cousin, hannah!

032         I had a mirror in my purse, so she spent a fair share of her time checking them out.

034   micah also loves cantaloupe, but we knew that. it’s fruit.

036  shane is a stinker, and won’t let you take his picture. I managed to get this one and he didn’t delete it.

003    and, in case I ever start to wonder if layla is getting anything out of sunday school, i find nifty little notes like this, written on odd scraps of stuff.

that was our week!

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